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BigWorld.fetchURL() vs urllib: which is better and why?

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Hello everyone,


I am currently working on my first mod for WoT and I'm trying to decide which method to use for fetching URLs, BigWorld.fetchURL() or urllib. I am wondering if anyone has experience with both and can share their thoughts on which one is better and why.


Thank you in advance for any input!

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Two main differences


1) different SSL backend

* BigWorld.fetch() --> libcurl --> Windows Secure Channel

* urllib1/2/3 -> CPython _ssl -> OpenSSL


The CPython _ssl module supports TLS 1.2 since version 2.7.9, but WoT used Python 2.7.7 before the v1.18.0 release, which made BigWorld.fetch() the only possible way to communicate with hosts supporting TLS1.2 only.


Since WoT 1.18.0 the game client switched to 2.7.18, this problem solved.


2) BigWorld.fetch() supports async-style and invokes callback on response





for XVM we use urllib3 + certifi to unify the network stack with other middlewares (sentry-python uses urllib3, so here we are)


in general, BigWorld.fetch() looks like a more flawless solution for WoT.


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