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Editing of XVM configuration files (xvm.xc, *.xc)

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Hello dear XVM users.
In this topic i'll tell you about most common ways to configure XVM.
First of all, you need choose an editor that you'll use. Here are some recommended: 

1. XCPad
Text editor for configuration files *.xc. Good way for users who want to change their config manually. This text editor can work with *.xc configurations consisting of multiple files.

+ Supports configurations consisting of multiple files

+ Analyzes the external links in the *.xc-files and loads the full XVM-config

+ Displays all the config files in one window, by combining their editors

+ Supports syntax highlighting and folding blocks of text

+ Search/replace in the text of all files and in a particular config file

+ Autosubstitution of input of words, properties and macros


- Inexperienced users can break their config with accidental mistake

- No preview, you should know what you do

2. Notepad++
Is a text editor and source code editor. Notepad++ was not made specifically for the XVM, it's a separate project, but it suitable for editing configurations not worse than the previous editors. It aims to be a lightweight and robust editor for a variety of programming and scripting languages.

+ Supports syntax highlighting and folding blocks of text, regular expressions in search and autoreplacement.

+ Tabbed document interface

+ Split screen

+ File comparison

+ Customizable shortcut key mapping

+ Macro recording and execution

+ support for plugins, a huge number of plugins available for a variety of purposes


- Cannot analyze the external links in the *.xc-files and cannot load the full XVM-config consisting of multiple files

- There is no autosubstitution XVM-macro

- Inexperienced users can break their config with accidental mistake
- No preview, you should know what you do


Editor made by @Ded_Shalfey and @Skiffmaster.

+ English interface

+ Easy and intuitive GUI

+ Easy installation and updates


- Does not support single-file configs. Works only with multi-file configs.

- Sometimes it may not be suitable for experienced users who want to use unusual or undocumented features in their configuration.

XVM Editor (also can be found in special topic)
XVM Editor is the best way for inexperienced users. Here you can change all settings that are available in the XVM. Also here you can view how will looks markers in the game without testing in replays.

+ Easy to use.

+ You cannot break your config with accidental mistake.

+ Possibility of editing of markers with live preview of result.

+ You can use this editor to convert old configuration files(XVM.xvmconf, OTMData.xml) to new format.


- Sometimes it may not be suitable for very experienced users who want to use complex or undocumented features in their configuration.

- Outdated. Not supported since XVM 5.2.x+

This is not the end. In the next post, I'll tell you about the most frequently used features of config. (soon)
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