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Official XVM resources, Useful Links.

Рекомендуемые сообщения

Official XVM website


Official XVM Website, English Version.


Download Page. We are strongly recommend to download XVM only from this page. It is a guarantee of your safety and working capacity of the modification.


Instruction about Installation and basic configuration of XVM.


FAQ. Answers to most common questions.


Online-Editor of Configuration Files (xvm.xc, *.xc). Also you can use Editor to convert your old (XVM.xvmconf or OTMData.xml) configurations into new format.

Official XVM Support Forums
On our forums most messages in Russian, but you can use Google Translate, if you want to understand the essence. Also you can write in english in any topics of our forum.
Also you can change the interface language to english for your convenience:
Sections about XVM: 
Components of XVM

Discussions about existing functionality of XVM. 

Custom configurations

XVM Configurations from our users.

Ratings in XVM

Discussions about ratings used in XVM(efficiency, performance, etc.)


Discussions about the functionality that is in development at the moment.


Section, where you can find suggestions from XVM users and submit your own suggestion to developers.

XVM: English support and discussions

In this section you can post any questions about XVM, configuring and problems with mod. Any discussions that do not fit in other sections are welcome here.

Source Code:

Main project page


Commits history


Pull requests. You also can submit your own code. Thank you!

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