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Overriding Account.PlayerAccount.__init__

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okay this is probably because i'm totally not fluent in python, but when i'm trying to override the __init__ function from Account.PlayerAccount (https://github.com/StranikS-Scan/WorldOfTanks-Decompiled/blob/1.11.1/source/res/scripts/client/Account.py#L118) I seem to have to call baseFunc(baseSelf) first before actually changing anything, like baseSelf.name = 'dev' (ingame this reflects). HOWEVER, I'm specifically trying to change baseSelf.initialServerSettings (or baseSelf.serverSettings, but serverSettings gets copied from initialServerSettings so same thing) but when I do so, i get a buncha annoying attribute errors from the original init. i took a copy of the client's original server settings and saved them and then just changed some values to mess around and that seems to be no-no.

can anyone help?


this seems to do nothing. but yet my in-game name is now 'dev' so it does* work(?)

@override(Account.PlayerAccount, '__init__')
def Account_init(baseFunc, baseSelf):
    baseSelf.name = 'dev'
	baseSelf.initialServerSettings = OFFLINE_INITIAL_SERVER_SETTINGS



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