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StranikS_Scan's "Real Dispersion Circle" mod

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it's my first topic on this forum, so I am not sure, I'm putting it in right section. If it's wrong, please someone to correct me.


So. My problem is, that I've found StranikS_Scan's mod, named "Real Dispersion Circle". In some topic on Russian forum LINK he has described, that after some measuring, he has found that, size of dispersion circle is 2.3 times bigger than it's in real. In his mod he just add division by 2.3 in line, where the size of circle is calculating:


self.__curSize = _calcScale(worldMatrix, size) * self.__screenRatio * DISPERSION_CIRCLE_SCALE / 2.3 #!!!

During playing, I've realized, that some shots are going out of the circle. StranikS_Scan wrote me, that his calculation was made for an old patch, so after some changes in dispersion system, value 2.3 may be incorect. I modified his code, and add some different value for self.__curSize variable: e.g.: self._curSize = 1000. Measuring dispersion circle's size from screenshots tell me, that game displays circle whitch size is ~1.721 times bigger than value I set.


So, here are my questions:

  1. Is it possible, to decompile some .SWF file that is responsible for drawing circle to check, what is real value?
  2. I decompiled some .SWF files and there is something like this (in crosshairControls.swf) :
       import net.wg.gui.components.crosshairPanel.components.gunMarker.GunMarkerDispersionCircle;

    Can you tell me, where can I find it? (I can't use flash, but  I like to check how something works, so if it's some simple failed to ask for it, please be kind for me :D )

  3. I would like to have a mod, that display in game second dispersion circle, that size is constant and it show size of full aimed circle. I want to see, how far from full aimed I am. Is it posible to make it in simple way, and womeone can make it?


That is all. Hope some will be able to help me ;)

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I saw it and there is the same code like on Stranick's github. It looks like spoter is not develop this mod. It's why I asked you for help ;) 

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