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panel icon ally dead player

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Good morning and sorry english ..
I must have made some mess because the icon of the dead head that you see on the enemy panel no longer comes out in the allied panel ..
Can you help me, I don't remember where I have to change anymore .. I'm old.

Thanks for the reply


Version xvm 8.5.4



1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

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Sorry, it looks maybe too dificult for me. Did you get the dead symbol in the left panel before?

I ask because the enemy dead symbol appears as part of "enemySpottedMarker" but this does not work for your team as the formula used needs correcting. The formula is found in "texts.xc":

    "spotted": {
      "neverSeen": "",
      "lost": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x70;</font>",
      "spotted": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x70;</font>",
      "dead": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x76;</font>",
      "neverSeen_arty": "",
      "lost_arty": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x70;</font>",
      "spotted_arty": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x70;</font>",
      "dead_arty": ""


&#x76; is the skull and crossbones but the "spotted" and "lost" lines need to be edited to to have different outcomes for ally and enemy. Your allies are always spotting themselves so the current lines result in permanent spotted lamps for each of your team. I might play with this to give the correct outcome.


<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x70;</font>

would have to become something like


<font face='xvm' size='24'>{{ally?|&#x70;}}</font>

The above line translates as "if it is an ally tank show nothing, else show a lamp". Maybe someone clever will correct the syntax if required.



Earlier I thought that the dead symbol could be shown as part of "xmqpServiceMarker" but this requires each player to be using XVM and to have it activated. This is the reason for the 2 lamps and one inactive lamp in your picture. They are the only other players with XVM in your team.



Did you download a modified XVM from somewhere else which had the dead marker on the ally panel? It can be a lot easier to work out what someone else has done than have to work it out yourself!


If I get a working dead marker for you I will post your "playerspanels.xc" and "texts.xc"



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Thanks for the time you gave me ..
Night_dragon_me solved my problem .. when I compared the two palyerpanel.xc with winmerge I had seen that the change to be made was highlighted, but reading the string it seemed the same .. I read wrong, my fault ...


Thanks to both of you .. You are always available to help bots like me .....

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