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Idea - limit light tanks in the same way as arty.

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I don't know what's up with the game right now but recently I've been getting matches with up to 8 light tanks per side. Yesterday there was a battle on Pilsen with 4 EBR 100's and 4 T100 LT's on our side and 4 EBRs and a mix of Russian and American LT's on their side. Our 4 EBRs zerg rushed the enemy and took out all their non-light tanks in the first few minutes of the game - the enemy wheelies were running around our EBR's missing nearly every shot while our T100's brawled the remaining enemy lights and pretty much slaughtered them. The whole game was over 15-1 in about 3 minutes. I'm not complaining that we won but it was boring as hell in my Badger which was basically pointless in the game because the enemy were already 7 tanks down before I'd even got into a position to shoot anything.

Winning or losing like this is not fun.

Can we have limits in the same way that we have arty limits - maybe no more than one wheelie and two tracked lights per battle?

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