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I feel so sorry for new players!!!

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So I just came out of an Omaha match (nice T5-T6 matchup with two Rangers) and the game felt kinda weird. So I looked up the stats of each player and was baffled.

Of the 24 players in the game there were only 5 with less than 1000 games and 6 players with 10.000+ games (one had even played 22.000 matches...)

I felt so sorry for the few new souls we had in this match. How are they supposed to actually learn this game when they get tiered up with these gods? And yes, I’m aware of the fact that new players get protected matchmaking for a short while.

It should be noted that I’m part of this problem myself with around 2.000 games but I swear to god I’ve just started the US CL line so pls don’t hate ♥️

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, because I love new players. Showing them the game mechanics and introducing them to new ships and play styles, but they are naturally bored and frustrated when they get matches like these…

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I have just over 8,000 Matches now and spend the majority of them over my head as a No Money Player with stock or slightly modified tanks, crews only now developing their second skill against so very many Premium units, firing gold ammunition with sometimes up to 100,000 match experience (many under 10,000 matches have 30+ tier 10 tanks in their massive inventory so I have to wonder how...) and rarely matched in a single tier or with me in the top tier.

 And now so many of the Tanks coming available that can be all but impossible to damaged from the front, how does a Noob get a chance to learn how to get around one of these to have a chance? In the early days of World Of Tanks, I stopped playing for 6 years because of this. Came back after I decided that I liked the competition and not to take the defeats to heart. Comments too.


With that, I have saved some of the more choice comments I get if  1) find a relatively safe spot to fire from in the rear (BAD camper) or 2) charge forward, get in the fight and last 30 seconds (you are SO dumb...)  3) follow a competent driver (I should be banned for stealing a kill...) 4) just not doing what they want you to do (like spotting with my Heavy tank, what am I doing anyway? Idiot).

In 2 years, I have literally had 2 (two) players message with a tip that was positive and useful. You don't want to know how may comments just berate me. When I go to a lousy location or a good location with the wrong tank, that's me LEARNING what not to do. And, experienced players should also remember that every shot I get is one not aimed at them. Or on the other side, extra points for them to teach me not to go there....


I have managed to really tick some folks off by replying that I am pleased that they took the time to message me. My quota is to severely piss off at least one other player each day and I thank them for letting me know that I have achieved that goal. Sometimes I advise them of the goal and that with their input I have managed to exceed quota for the day. Some of the replies to that are amazingly brutal. 

I don't know if I am slow or normal but am only now able to actually hit a target reasonably often with most units. I have some knowledge of where to go on each map depending on the unit I drive and a ton of knowledge on where NOT to go. I am definitely open to tips and suggestions but don't feel that I am qualified yet to advise others (unless they ask).


You learn by making mistakes and in this GAME (Game meaning is to enjoy the challenges/competition with others) the complexity means what you learned on a map last match that worked is definitely not what to do with a different mix on the same map. Takes a long time to read and understand the best course of action (Not the right one, just the highest probability one) with the probability of what other units are involved and what they will maybe do,  in the 30 seconds before each action.

Some treat it like this is a Life and Death situation and how dare anybody just PLAY the Game. Maybe there should be a series where the hyper competitive can battle it out. At least then you know what you are up against if you choose to get involved.


Of course being Free to Play participant doesn't move the game forward for the developers. I intend to spend some cash this year on something I now know I will enjoy. This will be to enhance that enjoyment (such as a larger garage for more units) and not to get an advantage over others. For that, I am developing myself. If you see me on top of a hill in the open, I am testing a new theory.....  You can send me a tip in the comments, or confirm I have made my quota.   8-)

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