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Expand the in-game team overview with the tank-type icon

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Hello Dudes,
first sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.
Is there a way to complement the in-game overview in the game so far that it also shows me the symbol for the tank type in addition to the tank name? I do not know every tank name and it would be clearer for me - if there was still such an icon.

Picture left: Normal view, Picture right: there I inserted 2 icons (foch and progretto) - as I could imagine.

thx for your help.


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Well, if you already use moded icons, you could just find icons with a vehicle type.

Or make your own, using this prog


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it can be solved with text only, so you don't need remake battleatlas every time a new tank appears in the file.

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Just to see if i have understood you correctly, you want to have the tank icons next to the tank name in the playerspanel like this?

If that is the case then open the playersPanel.xc using notepad++ and copy this text in;


// Vehicle Type icon (attempt to add vehicle class icon)
     "vtypeIcon": {
           "enabled": true,
    "bindToIcon": true,
           "x": -3, "y": 0,
    "align": "center",
    "layer": "top",
           "format": "<font face='xvm' size='23' color='#83cc5e'>{{vtype-key=LT?:}}{{vtype-key=MT?;}}{{vtype-key=HT??}}{{vtype-key=SPG?-}}{{vtype-key=TD?.}}</font>",
       "alpha": 90, "shadow": {}


So it looks like this in notepad++  (look at the playerspanel image)

after this you have to scroll down to the type of playerpanel you use and insert ;




I use the large playerpanel so if you look at the 3.rd picture vtypeIcon.PNG you can see how mine looks, just remember to have ${"def.vtypeIcon"}, on both extrafieldsLeft and in extrafieldsRight and dont forget the little comma "," at the end. if you use the medium or medium2 or the short playerpanel you need to insert the ${"def.vtypeIcon"}, to the one you use.


My sourse for this information can be found here;



Best regards



Edit; typo.






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