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How to enable "DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG" in WoT CT

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in WoT, to enable Flash debug output (using "DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG")

import logging


how to eneble "DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG" in WoT CT ?

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thanks, I tried it, but it did not move.


in WoT, class Flash has following methods,

    def afterCreate(self):
        self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI', self.__onLogGui)
        self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI_FORMAT', self.__onLogGuiFormat)

but in WoT CT, the method of class FlashComponentWrapper is follows,

   def afterCreate(self):

and not defined in class Flash.

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@Chirimen do hook functions, what's the problem?

in class AppEntry also use

from gui.Scaleform.framework.application import AppEntry

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def onLogGui(logType, msg, *kargs):
    _logger.debug('%s.GUI: %r, %r', str(logType), msg, kargs)

def onLogGuiFormat(logType, msg, *kargs):
    _logger.debug('%s.GUI: %r', str(logType), msg % kargs)

def afterCreate(self, base=AppEntry.afterCreate):
    self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI', onLogGui)
    self.addExternalCallback('debug.LOG_GUI_FORMAT', onLogGuiFormat)
AppEntry.afterCreate = afterCreate


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thanks @Ekspoint, but unfortunately it did not work.


the hook to afterCreate of AppEntry is success,
but addExternalCallback does not seem to work or it`s maybe removed somewhere.



    DebugUtils.LOG_ERROR("this is ERROR message");
    DebugUtils.LOG_DEBUG("this is DEBUG message");
    DebugUtils.LOG_WARNING("this is WARNING message");


python.log in CT with hook or without hook:

2019-04-21 09:33:19.150: ERROR: this is ERROR message
2019-04-21 09:33:19.150: WARNING: this is WARNING message


python.log in without hook:

2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] ERROR.GUI: 'this is ERROR message', ()
2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] DEBUG.GUI: 'this is DEBUG message', ()
2019-04-21 09:54:03.108: DEBUG: [gui.Scaleform.Flash] WARNING.GUI: 'this is WARNING message', ()


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