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Suggestion for sorting Carousel by Battles Played

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Dear XVM Community,


Here is a small tweak to the carousel code in XVM that allows sorting of the carousel by battles played (battlecount). Would it be worth adding this as an XVM capability? Nothing is lost and the code is right here.






This mod allows the addition of “battlesCount” to sort criteria:




In the section:

if sort_criterion in ['winRate', 'markOfMastery']: 

                (down to just before elif statement)



Make this change

            if sort_criterion in ['winRate', 'markOfMastery', 'battlesCount']:

                itemsCache = dependency.instance(IItemsCache)

                vehicles_stats = itemsCache.items.getAccountDossier().getRandomStats().getVehicles() # battlesCount, wins, markOfMastery, xp

                stats = vehicles_stats.get(vehicle.intCD)

                comparisonKey.append(factor if stats else 0)

                if stats:

                    if sort_criterion == 'winRate':

                        comparisonKey.append(float(stats.wins) / stats.battlesCount * factor)

                    elif sort_criterion == 'markOfMastery':

                        comparisonKey.append(stats.markOfMastery * factor)

                    elif sort_criterion == 'battlesCount':

                        comparisonKey.append(stats.battlesCount * factor) 




This mod sorts the carousel by winrate or battles played




Set the sort order from:


     "sorting_criteria": ["nation", "type", "level"],


To one of the following:


     Games played low to high

     "sorting_criteria": ["battlesCount", "level"],


     Games played high to low

     "sorting_criteria": ["-battlesCount", "level"],


     Winrate High to Low

     "sorting_criteria": ["-winRate"],


     Winrate Low to High

     "sorting_criteria": ["winRate"],



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