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I just want to say Thank you to all the Xvm Team for all your hard work.

Xvm has shaped World of Tanks to a better game for all.


Some of  Xvm user do not understand how time consuming it is to make a stable version of any mod.


Same as I do,I know as soon a first test server is released for a new update the Xvm team starts working on new release .

Normally  you have 4 to 5 weeks to perfect the mod.


This update has been different ,  World of Tanks  released 2 updates in 2 days on the 2nd update there was no 4 to 5 weeks to perfect the mod  vs was a major change to a lot of files ,that was not foreseen in Test Server.


So it takes time and tons of testing to make a perfect mod to be released.


So always please be patience when there is a new update.


Thank You !! Xvm Team 



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Плюсону :) бескорыстное дело оно вообще обычно неблагодарное, поэтому респект за труд )

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I would like to add to my original


I just got done updating all my mods that was affected by the update  it took over a week just to do that.

Xvm is much more complicated  than any of my mods.


I could not imagine  trying to sort out everything to change on the Xvm files like the Xvm team is doing.



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