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[ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

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[ 7.6.11 , 8.18.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM

Change Log Added

Hawg's Clan War Map Builder -Xvm 
Is a Tool to build Tactical Maps, for Your Clan to View in Battle and to help Prepare for ClanWars .This mod is a must for all Clans Officers. This function has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid.
Also it comes with 60 Different Tactical Icons In a Folder,This is simple tool to use, Just Pick which map you want 
to Build ,Right click map ,Open with "Photoshop" or "Paint.net" or any other Photo SoftWare ,Than click "Paste" or "layer"tab,
than click "Paste From",Than pick the Folder Named "Icons".Than all you do pick your icon you want than place
it on the minimap at the location you want.After you place all the icons you want on map Than save as a ".png"
Place your Tatical minimap into Hawgs Xvm : Path folder Is
World_of_Tanks > res_mods > configs > xvm > ClanWar
After your done making your Tactical Map, you can Share the map with your clan,Than Prepare for War & win the Gold!!!


Hotkey (N) to change hotkey or to turn off is In HawPen > Battle > Hawg_Tacitcal_ClanWar_Maps




-Added Hawgs Tactical Spg ,TD , Passive Scott Minimaps ,Hot key (M), to change Hotkey or turn off

  located in Hawgpen> battle >Hawg_Tacitcal_Maps.




Alt Files Moved 

All Alt files for PlayersPanel HP Bar Are now Located In HawgPen > ALT > PlayersPanel
You must turn Off Normal PlayersPanel In HawgPen > ALT > PlayersPanel > _Normal ,before you turn on any ALT PlayersPanel with HP Bars.


All Alt files for Clocks Are now Located In HawgPen > ALT > Clocks
You must turn Off Default Hangar Clock In HawgPen > _MainFrame > Clocks > HangarClock before you turn on any ALT Clocks


Alt file " Add this Just Damage & Stun Efficiency " Is now Located In HawgPen > ALT > Battle > Battle_Efficiency_Stun
You must turn Off Default Efficiency In HawgPen > Battle > Battle_Efficiency, before you turn on Battle_Efficiency_Stun


New ALT File

- Added New  Alt File "Alt Splasher" Tank name is now Pink  

- Removed Alt files , Alt Clocks, PlayerPanel HP bar, & Alt Stun Eff 

 - Added 27 new HawgPen Folders  18 ALT folders & " Battle " > , Battle_Timer_Flags , Tank_HP


Thanks to SmashPuppet for Ideal of Minimap functions




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Cheers m8. To be honest though, it was kthulo's macro for the minimap functionality and the idea came from another user buried in that thread. =) A great idea all the same! 

Изменено пользователем SmashPuppet
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[ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

File Name :    HawgXvm_9.16_1.1.0


- Added Personal Reserve Display ,Now you have more details of your personal reserves to view in hangar  that are  activated.


- Added  New  HawgPen  " Color " folder functions , inside Colors is Tank_Outlines Border_Color Rating_Colors,Inside  HawgPen Folder  > Color 


 - 8 new HawgPen functions added . Total 272 


- Added Outline Color ,You can change the Color of outline of the Enemy, Team,TeamKiller or Platoon , In the   HawgPen You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick     from in the HawgPen > Color > Tank_Outlines   


- Added New HawgPen Border_Color You can change the Color of Maps Border
  You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick from in the HawgPen > Color > Border_Color  


- Added New HawgPen Rating_Colors You can change the ratings colors form Super Unicum  down to Beginner
  You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick from in the HawgPen > Color > Rating_Colors, you can change all 10 rating levels.


- Fixed Hangar Clock Date display .


- Moved  Extra info over to the left  in hangar it was overlapping mission banners.


                           Personal Reserve Display


Change the Outline Color for Enemy ,Team , Team Killer & Platoon





- Fixed Icon Transparency on minimap


-Added over 60 Hotkeys function , You can set on/off HotKeys for all most all Battle functions &  All gunsights

 To set hotkey open the HawgPen folder if it has a HotKey.xc you can set the hotkey to turn on/off for each   battle,


Preset Hotkey Log

 Note : function must be turn on in HawgPen first before hotkey will work

Added New Hangar Preset Hotkey


 Hangar Preset Hotkey

Numpad 9 , will turn on/off Extra Tank info in Hangar

Numpad 8 , will turn on/off the Middle Tank Stats

Numpad 7 , will turn on/off Clock flag Background  & show Camo for clock

Numpad 6 , will turn on/off Camo Background Clock

For Carousel Hotkeys ,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, Q,W,E,R,T, These hotkeys will turn off most Carousel  function

Note: You can not change Hotkeys for Hangar only for Battle Hotkeys


12 Battle Hotkey  

Rest of battle Hotkeys you must set in HawgPen

 Preset Battle Hotkey For Battle, you can change Hotkey in HawgPen

Tank_HP Bar , Default HotKey NUMPAD (  9 )

WN8 , Default HotKey NUMPAD ( 8 )

Pen_Chance , Default HotKey NumPad  ( 7 )

Daily_Battle_Record , Default HotKey NUMPAD ( 4 )

Wn8_Win_Chance , Default HotKey NUMPADMINUS (  - )

WN8 , Default HotKey NumPad  / )

AimTime , Default HotKey NUMPADSTAR  ( * ) 

AutoAim_All_Informer_Markers , Default HotKey NumPad  ( 5 )

Tank_Battle_Count , Default HotKey  ( P )

Tank_Win% , Default HotKey ( O )

Battle_Timer_Flags & Tank Name , Default HotKey (  I )

Tank_HP , Default HotKey (  L  )


arrow.png  DOWNLOAD


Thanks to ktulho for making py_macros for the recent addons

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