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[] DARKSKELETOR Dragon Ball music mod (24/11/2017) release 1.0

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Hello  everydody! I'm spanish


I present my first music mod: DRAGON BALL MUSIC MOD made with Audiokinetic Wwise. Its the first release. Maybe i have to improve because is my first time with Wwise, don't kill me :trollface: :D.


This is an audio mod with some music from all sagas of dragon ball (dragon ball, z, gt and super).

Includes music for:


- Loading screen of game

- Hangar

- Every battle in the countdown


Tracks like Red Ribborn army, Piccoro Daimaku, Freezer Army, Bills, Dragon Ball Z oppening, etc. A few examples (sorry for big ones, i dont know how to put the no spoiler code here):








: D If you want to know more about the music, try it !!







* Dowload the .rar file

* Extract to folder --> Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww


NOTE: If you have any problems with gun or explosive sounds, you can try extract from res folder and paste in this audioww folder with RavioliGameTools_v2.9


or download these files


Extract all these files in res_mods audioww folder like my pictures




Extract this file on res folder



Delete voiceover.bnk (are spanish voices)













: niña:


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