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hi all .. still getting these game crashes when I get a rectangular box (white with doted lines) that states "PLEASE WAIT" .. sometimes I can cntrl/alt/delete and get to task master and cancel WOT and then re-start .. other times I have to do a restart of the PC itself .. If I go into taskmaster, I can often see 2 WOT processes running. It's like the problem I had a while back when the game would stop then automatically restart .. only it doesn't restart. There are times when i have had it crash 4 times in one game and been lucky enough to quickly restart each time ...   I have done all system checks and nothing is overheating or maxed out. I have checked internet connection to make sure it's nothing to do with that .. any clues?


mobo: Asus Z170

CPU: i7 6700@4600

Ram: Team Group 16gb@3200

GPU: Asus GTX 980ti Matrix

Win 10x64 pro

I'm running Aslains xvm, and if I run it without any mods selected the issue still occurs. I have asked on Aslains forum but because it is happening without mods then it has been suggested to ask here instead. Here are the xvm and python logs .. 



xvm zip


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