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statisticForm issues when blacklisting / blocking players (7400)

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statisticForm bugs out when you blacklist / block a player for the remainder of the battle:

- screenshot 1: T49 was already blacklisted before the game, M53/55 was blocked during the game

- screenshot 2: E50 was blocked during the game (to test)


It stays bugged out even after you remove that player from the blacklist / block.


Also, if you are looking at statisticForm and someone dies during that time, it gets worse:

- screenshot 3a: notice the double entry for the T-44 after I blacklisted him during the battle (to test)

- screenshot 3b: the 2nd T-44 entry was supposed to be an Emil II (this shot was taken after i removed the T-44 from the blacklist, but statisticForm was still bugged)


statisticForm.xc attached. I've been using the same config for ages.


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