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space.bin (CompiledSpace) - packer/unpacker

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That would be a GREAT!!!
I spent the last 2 days sorting out BSMA again. I have it all other than where the count for the DDS files attached to the end.

I also have to figure out how the .srt SpeedTree files are stored. I spent a month sorting out the .ctree format but those files are no longer used in the game.
I found the source from the unreal 4 engine for loading SpeedTree 7.0 files.. World of tanks uses 6.0 .srt files.
If you want a challenge, maybe you could help sort how the data is arranged.
I uploaded the SpeedTree.zip to http://tnmshouse.com/public

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Hey @SkepticalFox i found that the outland terrain is messed a little by your unpacker, instead of addind line max to bounding box(i guess this is it), is adding again min.

if you don't understand it i prepare some screen shoots:


with this config terrain will appear only 25 %.



and with this terrain and outland will appear correctly



Can you check where is the issue when is compile the space.setting?


Also global probe(main probe of lighting) and sh_grid is not compyled by you tool and water.xml .


Thank you.

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