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Hi @Mixaill, it seems some strings are missing in the translation website. For example the message stats_link/svcmsg is displayed (see screenshot).


Those strings are in the en.xc and not in the fr.xc de.xc .... and i can't translate them in the website https://translate.modxvm.com/projects/xvm/client/fr/

I can't find them.

    // Stats link
    "stats_link/svcmsg": "<a href='event:https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stats/players/{0}#svcmsg'><font color='#E2D2A2'>Your stats on the XVM website</font></a>",
    "stats_link/profile_self": "<a href='event:https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stats/players/{0}#profile'><font color='#E2D2A2'><u>Your stats on the XVM website</u></font></a>",
    "stats_link/profile": "<a href='event:https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stats/players/{0}#profile'><font color='#E2D2A2'><u>Player stats on the XVM website</u></font></a>",

I can add them manually but it's better if there are in the xvm package.


It seems the two last recent changes are not in the translation website https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/-/commits/master/release/l10n/en.xc

Can you update the english source translation on translation website ?




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Translation server was heavily updated. Should be much stable.


Sadly, you need to recreate accounts (last time, I promise!)

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Hello Mixaill,


i would like to support your mod by translations (proper german).


But i fail in the registration process on weblate: https://translate.modxvm.com/accounts/register/

I need a valid string for the field "Content"? (modxvm, xvm, WoT aren`t working -> error).

Additionally i get a "to many attempts"-error too. How to work around the last one?


Meanwhile, i was able to register on weblate, leaving the Content-field empty.


Greetings, Rumso



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Solution found

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