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Can't assign a drive letter or mount point

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pomagite pozalysta neznaju v 4em problema v pervqi raz ystanavlivaju vrode vse po instrukcii a 4et ne zapyskaetca pomagite





2012.11.18 09:53:15 XVM Stat v1.0.1.26773 for XVM 3.0.4+

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] MountPoint: C:\Games\WorldofTanks\res_mods\.stat

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Unmount previous mount

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Create MountPoint directory

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Creating server thread

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Starting server thread

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Dokan thread: Starting main loop

2012.11.18 09:53:15 Timeout: 10000, MountPoint: .stat

2012.11.18 09:53:15 Game Region: RU (detected)

2012.11.18 09:53:15 Time: 124 ms, Size: 49 bytes

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] responseFromServer: {"players":[{"id":1,"status":"ok"}],"server":"1"}

2012.11.18 09:53:15 [D] Dokan thread: Main loop ended

2012.11.18 09:53:15 Can't assign a drive letter or mount point

2012.11.18 09:53:17 [D] Dokan thread is not alive. Exiting.

2012.11.18 09:53:17 Stopping server

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Раньше помню XVM не работал на носителях FAT32, как теперь не знаю, + вчера пробовал ставить у друга на ФАТ32, и не пошло.

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