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[Please read before posting] How to describe your problem correctly and get help faster

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Before you create a theme about the problem:

  1. Check if there is a problem with the latest version of XVM from the official website and without any other mods.
  2. Make sure that the installed version of XVM is for the current version of WoT.
  3. If XVM for the current version of WoT is not available on the official website of the mod, then it is still in development. In this case, wait for the release of the new version of XVM.


When describing a problem, please:

  1. Create your own topic with an informative title and description of the problem.
  2. Attach to the message:
    1. logs (XVM.log and Python.log files from the game folder). Before attaching the logs it is necessary to close the game.
    2. config (archive of folder /res_mods/configs/xvm/)
    3. screenshot and replay if they help illustrate or reproduce the problem
  3. Specify the version of the mod, operating system and antivirus software.



  1. Do not write in someone else's topic with a "similar" problem. Create a new topic, even if you think that your problem is the same.
  2. In this section you should post messages only about the latest stable version of XVM, downloaded from the official website of the mod.
    Nightly builds are discussed separately in the testing section.
  3. If a problem with the displaying of statistics appeared unexpectedly, it is not necessary to write about it at once, because it may be due to usual technical works on the server.
    Partial or complete lack of statistics loading is possible in some fights during the maintenance.
  4. Questions that have been answered repeatedly may be ignored, because we do not have that much time to repeat the same answers repeatedly. Use the search.
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