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[Please read before posting] How to describe your problem correctly and get help faster

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  • First of all, read readme-en.txt, ChangeLog.txt which are can be found in xvm archive, and FAQ.
  • If you have a problem, you should post your own topic. Even if you think that your problem is exactly the same as problem in any other topic. You should not clutter up the other topics.
  • Before you describe a problem, you should ensure that you are using only latest stable version of XVM, and do not have any other mods. If you have, then uninstall them first and make a test only with clean XVM installation. 

If you want to get help:
  • Create your own topic with informative title and description of the problem.
  • Write a version of mod, operating system and antivirus software.
  • Attach:
    • XVM.log and Python.log (these files are located in the root folder of the game)
    • Your config (zip archive of folder res_mods/configs/xvm/)
    • Screenshot and replay, if it can help to describe your problem.
  • Note: In this section you should leave messages only about stable versions of XVM (or at least test versions). Problems with nightly builds are discussed in the relevant topic of development section.
  • You should not use nightly builds if you are not experienced tester.
  • You should not use use nightly builds in ModPacks if you are make ModPacks on basis of XVM.
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