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[XVM Activation] How to enable XVM Network Services (statistics, comments&groups for confacts, winchanses, etc)

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To enable XVM network services(such as statistics, comments&groups for confacts, winchanses, etc.)follow these steps:

  1. Go to official website (www.ModXVM.com) and activate network services
  2. [optional] Activate services for additional clients, if needed

Enabling access to network services on the official website.

To use XVM Network Services you should activate them in your personal area at official website of XVM. (news)
Registration is not required, because Wargaming.net ID is used for authorization.

  • Go to the official website of XVM: www.ModXVM.com/en/. To login, click on the "Sign in" button at the top of the site.

    In the menu that appears select the region of servers where you play in World of Tanks.

  • If you are not logged in on Wargaming.net, you'll be asked to login.

    For the authorization enter the email and password used in the game.
    Note: this is the official website of WarGaming.net Corporation, designed specifically for secure authorization on any resource.
    Do not enter your email address and password from the game on other websites for your safety. Also, in order to protect against phishing not forget to check the website address in the browser address bar.

  • After passing authorization (or if you are already have been logged in) you will be prompted to provide access to your nickname for the site account.modxvm.com.

    Note: Only your nickname is used for authorization. No other information, such as your email and password, will be used.

    Click "Continue Sign In".

  • After finishing the authorization through Wargaming.net ID service you'll returned on the official site of XVM, where you can activate access to the network services for your account:

  • After successful activation you will see the duration of your access to the Network Services.

    Upon expiry of the activation, you can prolong it again.

    Now you can choose which Network Services you want to use in the XVM. Click "settings" button to do that.

    XVM Network Services en.png
  • Done! Restart the game and enjoy XVM :)

Activate XVM Network Services for additional clients, if needed


If you play on multiple clients or computers, you need to activate XVM Network Services for each of them. To do this, go to the official website of XVM, and click on "Activate services" before running additional client.



If you found any mistakes or outdated info in this guide, feel free to make a topic in this section and tell us about it. Thank you for using XVM and for your feedback!

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