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  1. Hi I did a comparison of Atlas files made by TIM in png format, CCAtlas in png format and wg vanilla atlas. TIM atlas png output is different by single icons inside the atlas, while CCAtlas png output is exactly same compared to wg vanilla atlas In the example above, in left pane is icon from TIM atlas png output, middle pane is icon from wg vanilla atlas and in right pane is icon from CCAtlas png output. The yellow marks on icons are the differences and in status bar is also the exact RGBA values shown that are bellow the mouse pointer. The question is why TIM produces differently atlas png output, while png can be saved in lossless format?
  2. Thank you for response, I thought that would not affect anything then atlas sizes. I have also a question, in photoshop there is a option to adjust hue/saturation and while there is colorization ticked, the adjustment of hue/saturation is totally different, as result the colors are much better. I understand that photoshop is not relevant to compare with TIM, but I would like to know is it possible to achieve in TIM same results, maybe with order of effects. Possible best explanation what it exactly does I found here. I would appreciate if it would be possible to implement command line parameters in TIM, at least to open TIM, save the icons in specific style and exit. Maybe if it's not something complex to add, it will be nice to have a checkbox to pack the result (icons, atlas files) to wotmod package.
  3. Hi Lately we got few vanilla contour icons larger then 80x24. Would suggest to change the default contour icons size to 86x24, because poland-Pl15_60TP_Lewandowskiego and france-F83_AMX_M4_Mle1949_Bis are cropped while using 80x24 size. Regards
  4. Hi Is there still possibility to show/get personal gained fort resources after the battle through python script? They was some time ago in battle results, but at some point they was removed from there. Also what I would like to know is how to get Personal Rating with decimals right after the start of client, without battles. I'm using g_itemsCache.items.stats.globalRating to get the PR value, but decimals only appear after the first battle. Thank you in advance for any kind of help.
  5. Hello, I'm author of YasenKrasen mod, the link that proves that, is here http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433- I saw someone published the not complete mod on wgmods portal and without my permission here https://wgmods.net/1636/ Please make measures and removed the mod from wgmods portal, I will publish it by me self when I'm ready. Thank You in Advance
  6. Why you think that wotstats and wotlabs shows more correct values then xvm, they showing all correct values even they different, because they using different expected tank values. That question is already many times asked/answered, search the forum, and by the way its almost impossible that your friends and clan mates have same wn8 values in game shown by xvm and on that two mentioned sites.
  7. How I understand kttc.ru / play4stats.com has their own expected tank values, could it be a solution!?
  8. What could be the reason v.wn8effd macro does not show values on any vehicle in carousel after I'm using xvm 6.6.4. Edit: Its showing the values now, without to modify anything....
  9. Hello I have suggestions to consider about it... 1. As You already by default remove IGR and training vehicle icons through WotBuiltIn-1.csv, it is logical that You remove bot vehicle icons too by default through WotBuiltIn-1.csv, because they are in most cases same like the icons from "real" vehicle icons. 2. I'm not sure for RU client, but EU client has in mean time icons for germany-G04_PzVI_Tiger_IA (but the icons are same like the germany-G04_PzVI_Tiger_I), it's just not more relevant that the vehicle has no icons. 3. Because IGR, training and bot (+ the case with IS-2 and FV4202) icons have same full name with "real" vehicle icons, you should consider to implement overwrite message with option Yes, No, Keep Raw Name (or let custom name) for the case the icons are saved in Full Name. I still hope You will consider about implement command line arguments. Keep up the good work.
  10. Well, considering scripts\common\constants.py: class ARENA_GUI_TYPE: UNKNOWN = 0 RANDOM = 1 TRAINING = 2 COMPANY = 3 TUTORIAL = 4 CYBERSPORT = 5 FALLOUT = 6 EVENT_BATTLES = 7 SORTIE = 8 FORT_BATTLE = 9 RATED_CYBERSPORT = 10 RATED_SANDBOX = 11 SANDBOX = 12 FALLOUT_CLASSIC = 13 FALLOUT_MULTITEAM = 14 SORTIE_2 = 15 FORT_BATTLE_2 = 16 That should be correct, must be something else too, why it is not working.
  11. Did you tried to add in text.xc: "sortie_2": "sortie_2", "fort_battle_2": "fort_battle_2"
  12. There are 2 new battle types in ARENA_GUI_TYPE: SORTIE_2 = 15 FORT_BATTLE_2 = 16 anyway that's the reason probably why the new sorties are not recognized, and why we don't have own team player names with default config.
  13. Hello, I can't get load text folder with modified MO files (translation files) when they packed in .wotmod package, but from res_mods they load correctly. I had in .wotmod file: res folder and meta.xml inside res folder: text folder inside text folder: LC_MESSAGES folder, .text_locator, messenger_dndictionary.xml, messenger_oldictionary.xml inside LC_MESSAGES folder, all MO translation files (modified) there was no other .wotmods packages, neither other mods in res_mods. Best regards
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