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  1. Dado_Ze

    Плагиат на wgmods.net

    Hello, I'm author of YasenKrasen mod, the link that proves that, is here http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433- I saw someone published the not complete mod on wgmods portal and without my permission here https://wgmods.net/1636/ Please make measures and removed the mod from wgmods portal, I will publish it by me self when I'm ready. Thank You in Advance
  2. Dado_Ze

    my ingame WN8 not correct

    Why you think that wotstats and wotlabs shows more correct values then xvm, they showing all correct values even they different, because they using different expected tank values. That question is already many times asked/answered, search the forum, and by the way its almost impossible that your friends and clan mates have same wn8 values in game shown by xvm and on that two mentioned sites.
  3. Dado_Ze

    I fell back 11 wn8 points, even though my recent wn8 is continually rising

    How I understand kttc.ru / play4stats.com has their own expected tank values, could it be a solution!?
  4. Dado_Ze

    Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Finally :) Thank You.
  5. Dado_Ze

    v.wn8effd macro...

    What could be the reason v.wn8effd macro does not show values on any vehicle in carousel after I'm using xvm 6.6.4. Edit: Its showing the values now, without to modify anything....
  6. Hello I have suggestions to consider about it... 1. As You already by default remove IGR and training vehicle icons through WotBuiltIn-1.csv, it is logical that You remove bot vehicle icons too by default through WotBuiltIn-1.csv, because they are in most cases same like the icons from "real" vehicle icons. 2. I'm not sure for RU client, but EU client has in mean time icons for germany-G04_PzVI_Tiger_IA (but the icons are same like the germany-G04_PzVI_Tiger_I), it's just not more relevant that the vehicle has no icons. 3. Because IGR, training and bot (+ the case with IS-2 and FV4202) icons have same full name with "real" vehicle icons, you should consider to implement overwrite message with option Yes, No, Keep Raw Name (or let custom name) for the case the icons are saved in Full Name. I still hope You will consider about implement command line arguments. Keep up the good work.
  7. Dado_Ze

    battletype stronghold

    Well, considering scripts\common\constants.py: class ARENA_GUI_TYPE: UNKNOWN = 0 RANDOM = 1 TRAINING = 2 COMPANY = 3 TUTORIAL = 4 CYBERSPORT = 5 FALLOUT = 6 EVENT_BATTLES = 7 SORTIE = 8 FORT_BATTLE = 9 RATED_CYBERSPORT = 10 RATED_SANDBOX = 11 SANDBOX = 12 FALLOUT_CLASSIC = 13 FALLOUT_MULTITEAM = 14 SORTIE_2 = 15 FORT_BATTLE_2 = 16 That should be correct, must be something else too, why it is not working.
  8. Dado_Ze

    battletype stronghold

    Did you tried to add in text.xc: "sortie_2": "sortie_2", "fort_battle_2": "fort_battle_2"
  9. Dado_Ze

    battletype stronghold

    There are 2 new battle types in ARENA_GUI_TYPE: SORTIE_2 = 15 FORT_BATTLE_2 = 16 anyway that's the reason probably why the new sorties are not recognized, and why we don't have own team player names with default config.
  10. Dado_Ze

    Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Thank you for clarification :)
  11. Dado_Ze

    Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Hello, I can't get load text folder with modified MO files (translation files) when they packed in .wotmod package, but from res_mods they load correctly. I had in .wotmod file: res folder and meta.xml inside res folder: text folder inside text folder: LC_MESSAGES folder, .text_locator, messenger_dndictionary.xml, messenger_oldictionary.xml inside LC_MESSAGES folder, all MO translation files (modified) there was no other .wotmods packages, neither other mods in res_mods. Best regards
  12. Hello I tried v050 b120 and found some issues and have a suggestion. Issues: when I use Bulk save with path {TankFullName}{Ext} uk-GB63_TOG_II.png will not be saved probably because the special character "*" in full name. ussr-R71_IS_2B.png will not be saved because the full name is already existing from china-Ch10_IS2.png Suggestion: Implement command line arguments. I would like to have a option to run TIM and bulk save TIM style from a external program. for example: TankIconMaker.exe /bulksave /style original Keep up the good work
  13. Is it possible to key bind a specific server and connect? For example: Pressing Num1 on logon screen would select EU1 server and connect to it.
  14. Dado_Ze

    Swedish OTM Icons not showing.

    I don't think its a xvm issue, you just probably missing icons in atlas file for swedish vehicles. Just check 'res_mods\\gui\flash\atlases\vehicleMarkerAtlas.png' whether mentioned icons exist or not, the 'vehicleMarkerAtlas.png' is a part of vehicle icons set you using.
  15. Dado_Ze

    xTE for selected vehicles in special battle window