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  1. @Kurzdor thanks for your response, I already found the solution and it worked. res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\PP then I opened playersPanel_medium2 i just added ''badges'' inbetween: "standardFields": [ "frags", "vehicle" ], and it worked. Must be something with XVM. I might need to change it every time I install or update mods since I am using Aslain modpack.
  2. So I dont know if this is related to mods being installed (i use Aslain mod pac), I kinda suspect XVM because when I tried ProMod it worked fine. I want to have my badges icons visible in players panel in prefered mode. I am using mode 3. I went trought different mode and saw that badge icons are visible in mode 2 and 4, not visible in mode 1 and 3. Do you guys have any idea what it could be and where to look if it is something with mods, game, and how to fix it? I will post screenshot how its look like.
  3. @HEKPOMAHT okey I found this what I need to do now? do I have to remove any previous installed mods (i have Aslain mods) for this one to work?
  4. Hello, I downloaded XVM and now I want to edit files so I will be able to get floating damege numbers. I don't want to do big changes I want to change that damege numbers float, change duration how long numbers stays visible and mybe size of the text, anything else I want to keep default. How do I do that, what should I look for and what I need to change.
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