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  1. @yepev WG answer. Steam Tank World cannot connect accounts with Wargaming. Please understand that the legal elements of Korea are not applied to Steam, so it cannot be linked to the game account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As above, Koreans who recently started WG with Steam cannot use XVM because their accounts are not linked. I don't think there's a way. ^^;;;
  2. To enjoy all games and services at Wargaming.net, please complete your membership first. If you press the phrase "completed membership", Hi. Account management cannot be commercialized with accounts created through Steam. It appears as shown in the attached file picture.
  3. I'm a Steam World of Tank user. If you log in with a steam account to the xvm site, it won't proceed. xvm cannot be used due to xvm steam login failure. I asked you to add an account email to the World of Tank. I received an answer that I couldn't. Since Steam accounts cannot be used to manage World of Tank accounts, exclamation marks occur as shown in the attached file photo. Can't steam users use xvm network activation? xvm.log
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