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  1. actually im totally cool with everything all i want is it to show the tier near name plate is that possible?
  2. I like the name plate how it has theere color of skill but i want to add there tier and name alright i prob just wanna use default dmg log and just have it so it can show tier and name above name. I just wenna fix those two trhings and ill be happy i like the map. anyway to make it red instead of pink enemyy though well name just for teammates
  3. Can u customize everything in XVM or no? just dl minutes ago i love it would like to just have the regular map though also would like the standard regular names and hp bars above peoples heads i cant see people tiers no more when i look at them and also i like the default dmg and taking dmg images i like the bounce it says and how when u do dmg it kind of pops up i like that but just like the dmg log i saw it said u can customize but could cause problems? i just find whe your in a TD the huge turret distance always moving on your map really distracting
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