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  1. It means WG make shit on Win7 users? Great, especially Win10 is worse then shit. So it is time to permanently uninstall WoT.
  2. Why again this f.... servers work just time to time? First battle xvm is ok, next one nothing works!
  3. Hello, this mod uses in some way XVM resources. But there is sth wrong. As you can see it is tols that some icons are missing: src='img://gui/maps/icons/library/BattleResultIcon-1.png' src='img://gui/maps/icons/library/XpIcon-1.png' src='img://gui/maps/icons/library/EliteXpIcon-2.png' Any way to fix it?
  4. Hello, anyone is able to explain what the individual options change in the way the mod works. I have attached option panel of the mod. I understand that: 1. toggle on and off switching to arcade after shot. 2. If we play autoloader we disable function (1). 3. Enable auto-zoom function. 4. Is correlated with 7? What fixed steps? 5. Distance to target divided by this number = Zoom (X) 6. OK, disable or enable function no7. What the difference? 7. What that steps really are? zoom ratio? I don't know. 8. ? I'm asking because BO in release 1.32.7 has changed and this function no more works as in earlier versions. Pls if anyone can explain.
  5. Thank You so much for this info. I'm appreciated. But question still exist.
  6. Of course xvm provide this function since years. "teamRating": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_UPDATE_TEAM_RATING)", "x": 5, "y": 440, "shadow": { "distance": 1, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 1.5 }, "textFormat": { "size": 15 }, "format": "Team WN8: {{py:TeamRatingRatio}} Win Chance: {{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio}}" },
  7. I try to change "team win chance ratio" color scale but I cant find out how to do it. I find some possible setting in file called battleLabelsTemplates.xc but can't find color settings. Anybody know where those color settings are hide?
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