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  1. Thank You so much for this info. I'm appreciated. But question still exist.
  2. Of course xvm provide this function since years. "teamRating": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_UPDATE_TEAM_RATING)", "x": 5, "y": 440, "shadow": { "distance": 1, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 1.5 }, "textFormat": { "size": 15 }, "format": "Team WN8: {{py:TeamRatingRatio}} Win Chance: {{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio}}" },
  3. I try to change "team win chance ratio" color scale but I cant find out how to do it. I find some possible setting in file called battleLabelsTemplates.xc but can't find color settings. Anybody know where those color settings are hide?
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