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  1. will you update to you cant accept paypal for update so i can send gift of gold to you on RU server
  2. would love it updated but does not seem to work in patch today but hate the crashing when adding a new account ***never mind NA WG didnt change mods folder so still works 2017-12-21 06:48:00.080: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/ mods found 2017-12-21 06:48:00.080: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./mods/ mods not found
  3. crashes game after adding 1 account adding 1 account works fine when you click add to add a 2nd account it crashes game.
  4. add key does not open window, cleaned cache as well still same error, no other mods 2017-08-30 06:04:18.618: ERROR: File "mod_account_manager", line 183, in py_openAddAccountWindow 2017-08-30 06:04:18.618: ERROR: File "mod_account_manager", line 307, in loadWindow 2017-08-30 06:04:18.618: ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/application.py", line 325, in loadView 2017-08-30 06:04:18.618: ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/managers/containers.py", line 1014, in load 2017-08-30 06:04:18.618: ERROR: AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'viewKey' THIS WORKS NO ERRORS. TY
  5. where are these located at? and do you have a link on whats needed to make sound mods i did some way back with old sound engine havent messed with them with the new
  6. i bet if we made new sound file under that name it would play
  7. can i use XVM to change the music for the Sabaton tank that plays in garage? If so can ya give some tips or file locations
  8. how hard would it be to make this layout with the xvm sights? i would buy a premium tank or something for your time and help in redoing this great sight. hahahah and add the reload fill circle? ( red loading green loaded)
  9. not sure why but all clan wars battles are doing this, NA server and latest xvm default cfg
  10. this use to work with the old xvm set up just wondering what would be the path for the new way, i have tried a few different ways but no luck
  11. every damn battle the minimap resets itself back to smallest setting how can i stop this, i use everything for minimap from WG so not sure why its doing this
  12. im not sure why my cfg shows both names it use to never lol you can see in the screenshot what im talking about can someone take a look and see where my error is thanks a lot carousel.zip
  13. i thought xvm uses wotlabs numbers and this is the #1 place to track wn8
  14. I have selected update stats in my profile on xvm a few times now, i have it picked to show wn8 and in game it shows 2198 as my wn8. on wotlabs it shows my overall 2213 they use to match why dont they match anymore does xvm use its own wn8 scale now or what?
  15. error i python log for version 2 2016-09-27 11:41:14.908: ERROR: [updater] ValueError('Expecting , delimiter: line 2 column 18 (char 20)',) 2016-09-27 11:41:14.908: INFO: Error in module 'gui.mods.mod_updater': 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'
  16. its been a while since i messed with xvm but i was wondering can it show WN8 for that battle during the battle? kinda like this mod?
  17. we have figured it out and no you dont need all the flash files everything thats not carousel related is turned off in @xvm.xc cfgs disabled as well. all thats running is carousel and no errors or crashes in xvm now. where would one find the xvm open source do you happen to know? we would like to look at the carousel parts and maybe make a stand alone mod. heres what we did to get it to work xvm carousel only test.zip
  18. i know that and have done that im trying to get JUST whats needed for carousel not all the other stuff