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  1. Not sure what you mean, i would just like to know what the split rectangle is, and how to get rid of it (what files do i have to delete so that it doesn't show). I would like to mention that i also downloaded a bunch of other stuff via aslains mod as well, and then deleted some of the stuff i didn't like (and that i could find).
  2. I downloaded xvm mod and like it, for the most part. What i really dislike is the blinking ping and weird rectangle icon on the top left. I managed to get rid of the ping icon by just deleting the ping icon image file as well as some ping python files from my mods folder, but i cannot figure out how to get rid of the split rectangle. I tried to delete fps.py and fps.pyc but that doesn't do anything. Also, i do not know what many of the things do in XVM, is there some sort of guide that explains all the different icons / features? I would be grateful for some help, thanks.
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