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  1. Heya Devs, Let me first thank you for all your hard work over the years for an excellent mod for WoT! And then let me get into the meat of it! What would it take to get the following features implemented into the mod? -Automatic Patching -Visual interface to customize the mod (eg. a menu to toggle things and reposition them) -Not having to reactivate the mod every few days I understand that would be quite a significant upscale from what this mod now does. Possibly requiring more staff. But maybe with some crowdfunding or and (optional) subscription model this would be possible! So, the question stands. What would it take, how much money and time would it cost, how would that be achievable and of course, would you even be willing to make the mod that big. Either way! Thank you for all your efforts over the years! I'ma head back and blow up some noobs and laugh at tilted people in chat!
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