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  1. Custom_mods.7z Yes, i know. It is another config for a caro usel with a lot of info Copy files into main WOT folder Or if you use Aslain instaler just put file in ...\World_of_Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods folder and install Aslain modpack 300x150 px 2 lines recommended for 1440p or higher 1 line for anybody I agree to put it on modpacks Other situations chosen tank, special (not premium tank), normal elite tank, normal not elite tank Fully marked tank, lower than 5 tier tank (no moe %), no mastery icon, crew incomplete, rented tank, no camo, not full camo, 0 battle normal tank It still has multination icon for Rudy - xvm dont support removing it in config file @Alfalis @Heliomalt here you go
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