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  1. That did not work. Finally did a full Revo uninstall, re-installed game and Aslain. Still occasional drops but much better
  2. This is still happening and is making me a bit nutty. I have done a full uninstall and reinstall of the game. The issue is definitely the XVM as the drops only happen when I have the mods activate. Aslain believes this is an XVM issue. From the look of the views and other items, this is not an isolated issue. Please advise? python.log xvm.log xvm.xc
  3. I use Aslain's modpack. I have installed the latest build but I am constantly getting kicked out of games. This has been happening intermittently for the week or so but is becoming more frequent. I have tried older versions of mod-packs, installing new nightly build, etc. Attached are the log files. python.log xvm.log xvm.xc
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