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  1. I read elsewhere that a couple of things might help. I did those and haven't (yet) had the problem again: * turn off anonymizer * in the launcher > game settings > allow game through firewall But I will play again sometime to day and see if I can make it happen then send logs.
  2. @Mr 13 Thanks for the reply! Just to be clear, do you need me to do this right when it happens or anytime after I've installed and the stats aren't showing up after any number of battles?
  3. I use Aslain's modpack to load XVM and some other mods. I support the MODXVM site with a monthly through Patreon to keep it active/extended. So... I load the new modpacks as soon as they are released after a patch. Often when I do this, the first battle or two is fine and I can see players' stats. Attached are some screen shots that may help explain what I'm seeing. I also tried to use Aslain's to load only XVM components (de-selected all non-XVM mods) and had the same result.
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