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  1. This is a very good mod, the original author is night_dragon_on. Original link Because it was closed and stopped updating, I fixed it. And forward it here. At present, I only repaired and updated the following 4 functions. If I have time, I will consider the rest 1. Battle loading window; 2. Press Tab to open the window; 3. Command bar (ears). 4. The color mask of the roof icon When publishing files on third-party sources, please indicate the authorship mvi_battle.zip
  2. THX It seems that I have complicated simple problems Only need to delete the corresponding control statement to succeed. Modifying battle.swf does not work I modified battleVehicleMarkersApp.swf according to your method, and it now works normally. Thanks for your guidance Paste my file, thank you again battleVehicleMarkersApp.swf
  3. You may have misunderstood what I mean. I am not using XVM. The picture is without any mod. You can see that, Teammates are green icons, and enemies are red. I want to delete this color mask
  4. Калі мы выкарыстоўваем каляровыя значкі Колер сябра ці сябра зробіць абраз вельмі непрыгожым "battleVehicleMarkersApp.swf" заключаецца ў кіраванні іх колерам Я не ведаю, як іх выдаліць Ці можаце вы змяніць яго ці скажыце, як гэта зрабіць? прывітанне з Кітая
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