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  1. So, this morning I Uninstalled wot. I see myself as an above average player with 1700wn8 and 2700 recent wn8. 52% win rate. This game was always really really frustrating for me as I have probably anger issues. Anyway, the mix between artillery consistently missing you for 500 + stun + crew dead + damage ammo rack or track, wheelies that can snap shot you for 500 driving at 95km/h, oblivious teams, and the fact that your performance in the battle does NOT affect at all the end result of the battle led me to uninstall the game. I loved this game so so much it's crazy how much I loved it but now I was just playing it because I put some money into it, and not for fun. Many people still enjoy the game and good for them but I'm not one of them anymore. It has been a wild ride and very fun at some point. Maybe this is not the end I might download it again after a break but, this game is so frustrating and so heavily broken in so many ways. It always had flaws but recently the flaws began to overshadow the good things and that's a turning point for the game. If wg doesn't react quick enough a lot of people will leave, that's a fact. Anyway I hope you all still enjoy the game and having fun, the subreddit is a lot of fun aswell and a very nice community. See you guys!
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