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  1. Oops... I didn't saw that it was fixed. There is no more problem, thank you.
  2. It has been more than a month since I reported my problem. Anything new? The problem still persist, and I think it's because I update my stats too often. For few days, I'll try to not update them, just to see if that's the case.
  3. Something has changed. My WN8, win rate, WGR are the same than my in game stats and Wotlabs.net. There's still the problem with my vehicles, unfortunatly. For example, it still says that I played 89 games in my T95 in XVM's stats, while in game I have 211 games played with it. And it's not the only vehicle that is showed with wrong statistics.
  4. Hello, My username in game is _KILLER_2017 , from NA server (veeeeeerry original name, I know). Also, my stats still different from the ones I see in Wotlabs.net. I just refreshed my XVM's stats, says I'm at 1226 WN8, and when I watch in Wotlabs.net, it says I'm at 1232. It's a small difference, but 2 days ago, both were synchronised, now they are not anymore. Same thing for my vehicles stats, for example, in XVM, my T95 has 89 games, while in Wotlabs.net and in my game stats, in game, I have 211 games, which is a huge difference.
  5. Hello, I have a problem with XVM. It's been 5 times that I refresh my stats, and my WN8 still stuck at almost the same number. When I watch my stats then with wotlabs.net, my WN8 is different than the one showed in XVM's stats. As I said, I refreshed it a lot, I even reset the activations. In two days, my WN8 went 4 up, while in wotlabs.net, it went at least 10 up. What's wrong?
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