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  1. So, basically I'm just curious what the state of the game is right now, I just downloaded it again (I've played it a couple months ago) and I've been having some good fun, I'm just worried about the possibility of this game shutting down before I sink any time or possible money into it. (already have a prem plane) I guess what I'm asking is with the current population is this game sustainable/has it been sustaining at it's current rate. Edit: thanks for the info guys, it's certainly helpful to make a decision and I'm crossing my fingers it'll get revived.
  2. So I have a M48 Patton in my garage with 510 (approximately) meters of base spot and my crew doesnt even have all the skills to max (recon, situational...) and also when I add directives or put cola the range can be 530 meters and more. I heard that the limit was 500 meters on the previous versions of the game if I'm not mistaken but now I am not sure so any feedback is helpfull :-)
  3. So I just came out of an Omaha match (nice T5-T6 matchup with two Rangers) and the game felt kinda weird. So I looked up the stats of each player and was baffled. Of the 24 players in the game there were only 5 with less than 1000 games and 6 players with 10.000+ games (one had even played 22.000 matches...) I felt so sorry for the few new souls we had in this match. How are they supposed to actually learn this game when they get tiered up with these gods? And yes, I’m aware of the fact that new players get protected matchmaking for a short while. It should be noted that I’m part of this problem myself with around 2.000 games but I swear to god I’ve just started the US CL line so pls don’t hate ♥️ I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, because I love new players. Showing them the game mechanics and introducing them to new ships and play styles, but they are naturally bored and frustrated when they get matches like these…
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