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  1. Currently looking at the techtrees because I want to celebrate my name day with a bang. Experience taught me that the tanks I drive need to hold my hand a bit or I will struggle a bit to get good results (I'm not tomato level, but I'm lime green most of the time which is to say, slightly above the yellow average). Tanks that are hard to get hit in the first place, or that have such high alpha that each shot WILL be felt, are what I tend to play these days since I've learned that heavy armor just does not work as well as it did before due to the ever escalating gold ammo spam. Also, while I'm still learning, more dynamic gameplay also happens to be more fun than going down a corridor and clicking whatever you see on the other end of it. And here comes the RC toy Manticore - it has one of the best camo values in its tier spread, is comically small, and has a big ass gun with good alpha and pen for a light, and is very quick. Yet it gets smacked around by many a detractor who see it as the worst Tier 10 LT (personally I don't think it's the best, but as for "worst", Panzerwagen and Sheridan hold the dubious honor imho). Do I believe the detractors, or should I give this toy tank a chance? I wish Taugrim made a review for it since he made one for every other top tier LT, but nothing so far. :
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