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  1. Oh that last post wasn't aimed at you ;-) I have never tried the app with Windows 10, so if it doesn't work than there is nothing you can do really.
  2. There is no need to wait for later Qt versions. I wrote the original viewer using the old and now outdated Qt 4.8.x
  3. I found QuaZip very very slow. I made my own wrapper around zziplib
  4. Just to clarify what i said to Dendyt. I said i would help if someone wanted to create an Open Source tank viewer application. I said GPL license so this way no one can ever profit from such an app and it always remains free for everybody to use. I don't want anyone's money that is not what my old tank viewer was about. I have very little spare time but i said i would help at least get this new application up and running. However it looks like ShadowHunter has made good progress on a viewer so my help is most likely not needed.
  5. Hi. Are you planning to release a new version of WoT Tank Viewer? Thank you for your job!

  6. Try re installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package. Choose the correct version for your CPU i.e 32 vs 64bit
  7. Yeah i will be creating one, i am creating a tank viewer 2.0 and a plane viewer 1.0. I am really busy on another project at the moment but hopefully i will get time to start it in the not too distant future.
  8. Yes it is fine to publish any data you see from the viewer. Yep as StranikS_Scan said all the data is generated from the client files.
  9. aah yes, intel drivers are not very good with OpenGL
  10. That is a driver issue, try updating your GPU drivers or reinstalling them.
  11. I can't check right now because im not around my development pc but the black in that tank is the shadows are wrong. Remember the T29 and a few others have inverted normals, wish WG would fix.
  12. Can i have the new textures that go with the T29 modified visual files
  13. Version 1.0.17 released. This is just a very minor update to correct a few texture issues. Change log: * Fixed issue where texture loading would fail with HD tanks when the standard texture had no mip maps. * Fixed issue where texture loading would fail with HD tanks when the standard texture had a different surface format to the HD one. Also thought i would take a second to show this url https://sites.google.com/site/wottankviewer/donate . Wot Tank Viewer has always been free and will remain that way (two and a bit years now), i have put a ridiculous amount of my own time into this. I will never go the way certain other projects have (with a subscription based service) but if you want to see more and more features, a little extra motivation never goes astray ;-)
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