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  1. Can you recommend a good profile to use that has most features turned on including the gold/free XP lockers?
  2. I set the sirmax folder as the XVM profile. I assumed it was an example.
  3. I installed the latest XVM and enabled sirmax and I cannot make out what all the circles and numbers mean. Is there a key somewhere. I kind of like it.
  4. Thanks, tried that and that didn't fix it. Cleaned out old dat files in my user file/...appdata/wargaming.net/worldof tanks folder. I had some Auxillium settings checked off under aslains install so maybe? The logs were empty again when I installed Aslains but are fine with the XVM. But really thanks, I am running just XVM, not aslains, because fresh install using his latest didn't work. Seems to be a hidden file on one of his mods that remembers the bad settings(maybe from the 32/64 spilt?), not an XVM problem.
  5. Basically XVM appears to not be activating since 1.6.1 patch for me. I have used the 1st 3 versions of aslains mod for 1.6.1 and I am not getting the locks on gold, XP etc. I am getting crew issues. Tried running the 32 and 64 bit clients. Safemode(no mods) works. XVM and python logs are blank! xvmsoulcatcher logs.zip
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