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  1. Works now. Thanks. I was keeping my old configs folder cause I have many custom configurations in the XVM and didnt want to lose is all with every update.
  2. Yeah, sorry, here it it: battleLabels.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc xvm.log
  3. I have enabled total team hp in battleLablesTemplates.xc however I still cannot see the team HP bar in the game, while this worked perfectly a few versions back I cannot get it working now, here is the config: "totalHP": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_UPDATE_HP)", "x": 0, "y": 30, "screenHAlign": "center", "align": "center", "shadow": { "distance": 1, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 1.5 }, "textFormat": { "font": "mono", "size": 18, "align": "center" }, "format": "{{py:xvm.total_hp.text}}" }, Thanks for help.
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