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  1. Saxonian

    [] [Fixed] XVM appears to have vanished?

    I discovered the problem. Scanmen, your solution worked just fine, I was just being an idiot. I've now stopped being an idiot and it's all working great. Many thanks.
  2. Saxonian

    [] [Fixed] XVM appears to have vanished?

    I tried that exactly as you set out and nothing at all has changed, the game still runs like the vanilla client with no trace of XVM I'm afraid, thanks for the thought though :)
  3. Hey chaps, I only started using XVM recently, but it has been working absolutely fine, no problems at all. Playing last night, all fine. The game did the tiny update today for Frontline and suddenly it's as if XVM isn't even installed. Game works fine, looks and behaves exactly like the vanilla client, it's like there is no trace of XVM at all. I uninstalled XVM and reinstalled, no change. I don't run any other mods so no need to check there. I deleted the XVM folder in my roamingdata folder, reinstalled XVM, still nothing. It seems that no matter what I try, the game client behaves as if XVM isn't even installed. Any ideas?