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  1. Awesomesauce, that fixed me right up, thank you. Over the years, I had just gotten in the habit of coming here to check for an xvm update before I'd even load up tanks. If there was an update or nightly build, IN THE PAST(I'd install it),,, I've learned that meant an update and I've NEVER had an issue installing them until about a week ago. Thank you again for helping me out, thank you AGAIN for an amazing mod <3 Thank you for your time, Neal aka HighVoltage316 Justice_inc_316
  2. I reinstalled yesterdays release, yesterday... *edit* To clarify, I have the latest nightly build CURRENTLY installed, really lol
  3. Here they are, sorry for not including them both in the first post. I do have it installed an activated :( python.log xvm.log
  4. When the game loads, I dont get a version in the top left corner. Its as if I DON'T have it installed or activated but I actually do. I'll look for logs, thank you Mr 13 sir o7 xvm.log
  5. The camera file is the only file I mess with. I change all my game views to 400 max(usually) and my zoom goes to x64 max,, anything over 64 and it starts freaking out lol, x64 seems to be the sweet spot. Don't forget to enable it near the top of the file or none of the changes stick ;) .
  6. Hello, First off, thank you for an amazing mod <3. I just wanted to post here an see if anyone else is having the same issue I am. My xvm hasn't actually worked for about a week now, I know what your thinking BUT I've done everything,, EVERYDAY I double check for a new nightly build until another final is released. I run xvm on 2 separate accounts, never had an issue that lasted this long so I just wanted to see if its JUST ME lol. Thank you for your time, HighVoltage316 Justice_inc_316
  7. Hello, I get a 404 when I try to get the latest build of the nightly version. Thank you for all your time and work that's put into this, it is GREATLY appreciated
  8. I am running 9024, running like butter for me,, for the most part. No crashes, everything seems to be in the right spot,, good job :) . Thank you, keep up the good work o7
  9. Played 2 battles so far, no crash. Nice having the crew swapping back. I also like tweaking my zoom & ingame view settings <3(edit=Altho tweaking the ini files doesnt seem to work for the zoom or ingame view :( =) . Thank you, keep up the good work.
  10. I tried it, crashed to desktop immediately after it loaded into battle. Had to remove it. Looking forward to stable release tho :)
  11. Do you mean to enable MORE zoom depth? This is copied from my camera file in the default settings, my zoom goes to x64.... }, // Sniper mode // Снайперский режим "sniper": { // List of multiplicities for the sniper mode // Default: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. It's possible to use a greater number of values. // Список значений кратности для снайперского режима // По умолчанию: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. Можно использовать большее количество значений. "zooms": [2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ], // Start zoom value (null for default behavior - last used state) // Начальное значение кратности (null для поведения по умолчанию - последнее использовавшееся значение) "startZoom": null, // Zoom Indicator (see extra-field.txt for parameters description) // Global macros allowed in all fields // Индикатор масштаба (см. extra-field.txt для описания параметров) // Можно использовать глобальные макросы во всех полях "zoomIndicator": { I also like to tinker with the regular view ranges, let me know if you want that info also.
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