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  1. Hi, I'm having issues with world of tanks crashing to desktop since 1.0 update when using xvm or any other mod. Right now I'm using only xvm, after installing xvm on first launch game shut down itself, and when random ctd starts, sometimes it takes one relaunch, sometimes it can crash 4 times in a row to be able to log in. Sometimes I see something going on with full screen before crash. If needed I can try to record game to see the crash. Write a version of mod, operating system and antivirus software. XVM 8.0.0 , Windows 10 home 64 bit, eset nod internet security Attach: XVM.log and Python.log (these files are located in the root folder of the game) Your config (zip archive of folder res_mods/configs/xvm/) Screenshot and replay, if it can help to describe your problem. Thanks in advance for help. 7430d8e1-d145-40f1-bf80-988ac0773834.zip xvm.rar
  2. The problem was with full screen scaling, from time to time I've got white boarders with black screen iside plus after crash I could move for one or two seconds in the game with seeing everything, the fix was to make game borderless.
  3. Hello again, now I have another type of crash, which is " Ooopps..the game has stopped working". Before I had wot + xvm has stopped working, but I have fixed that issue. I hope someone could help me, thanks in advnace, best regards, Edga. a3e43c58-8909-4814-a707-6a603f61f79f.zip
  4. I have fixed my crashing issue by lounching game from exe file, and renamed target to "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WorldOfTanks.exe -force-d3d9". It seems the couse was drx11. Thanks for assistance. Hope it will help someone else too.
  5. Bellow Icon for turning off overlay?
  6. Good evening, I'm in despair with random crashes. I get random crashes in garage at the start of the game during the game or after just finishing the game and trying to return to garage. I'm having this problem for maybe a year and tried doing clean reinstall by deleting registry all related files, even video settings in virtual memory, still doesnt help. All i get is "Xvm has stopped working error". At the moment I'm using more then just xvm, but as I said before I'm having this crashes even when I play on vanilla version or just plain xvm. I hope you could help me to fix this problem. Best regards, Edga. a9fb832c-7d15-4598-bd51-b84ec8d1e496.zip
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