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  1. What is the latest version of WoWS viewer? i only have a very old version that does not even load into blender. @SkepticalFox Even better, can the repository be updated with all of the latest plugins? (its last update is so old it will not work with blender 2.8 at all.)
  2. Has there been an update for the map viewer for WoT 1.0? or something ive done wrong? i have map viewer version 0.0.4.
  3. i am unable to load the hangar, or tier 5-10 tanks using the tank viewer (version 0.1.47). ive tried using blender 2.80/2.79b/2.79 none of these versions appear to work. does anyone know a fix for this? (im using the latest WoT update.) ((fixed, im an idiot.))
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