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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?> <version.xml> <appname> #menu:login/version </appname> <version> v.1.1.0 #967</version> <showLicense> 29 </showLicense> <ingameHelpVersion> 1 </ingameHelpVersion> <meta> <client>1011466</client> <overrides>1010283</overrides> <localization>1011917 EN</localization> </meta></version.xml>
  2. Sorry Sgt but that one doesn't work for me either. I guess I may have to wait for a new version.
  3. Mixaill that is exactly what I did but I don't see a version for client. Maybe it isn't ready yet, but I am wondering why there are 2 different clients looks like the one available is for a much older version than I have. As far as python logs and the XVM log I had to totally uninstall XVM to be able to play and I have no clue what or where a python log is, sorry I am technically challenged.
  4. Downloaded and installed the newest XVM and all my crew members are missing besides the commander, and the commander is the same one in all of my tanks. Needless to say XVM is not working for me at all. Any advice ?
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