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  1. I tried something with the "makros". Thanks but i have the solution. Icons must be safed without clan tag. And then i must change the following code in the battle.xc, battleLoading.xc, battleLoadingTips.xc, playersPanel.xc and in the statisticForm.xc battle.xc // Path to clan icons folder relative to res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res. "clanIconsFolder": "clanicons/", change to "clanIconsFolder": "xvm://res/clanicons/EU/nick/{{name}}.png", battleLoading.xc "templates": { // Clan icon definition. // Шаблон иконки клана. "clanIcon": { "enabled": true, "x": 90, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" change to "src": "xvm://res/clanicons/EU/nick/{{name}}.png" } }, battleLoadingTips.xc "templates": { // Clan icon definition. // Шаблон иконки клана. "clanIcon": { "enabled": true, "x": 65, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" change to "src": "xvm://res/clanicons/EU/nick/{{name}}.png" } }, playersPanel.xc // Clan icon. // Иконка клана. "clanIcon": { "enabled": true, "x": -5, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" change to "src": "xvm://res/clanicons/EU/nick/{{name}}.png" //"format": "<img src='{{clanicon}}' width='16' height='16'>" }, statisticForm.xc // Clan icon definition. // Шаблон иконки клана. "clanIcon": { "enabled": true, "x": 65, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" change to "src": "xvm://res/clanicons/EU/nick/{{name}}.png" } }, Hahahahaha yes thanks ;-) i wrote the post and you give me the correct answer too but dudes, thank you for help and your ideas. Here is not so a "beef community" as in the WG Forum ;) thanks a lot guys. Now i have a "clear" xvm with my own "igno or friend or twitch list" :D thanks
  2. I want to see the logos from both teams, if i had give him a logo before. What i will not see are the logos of the top clans, they will automatically comes from the modxvm server. I will give you another example and i hope you can understand me. At the example, i see my own logos that i give a player "twitch logo" on my side and on other side is another logo that i give a player, because he was an unfair player. But on BOTH sides we have players from TOP clans but i will didn't see the logos. I will only see my individual logos, not xvm top clan logos. Thanks but then i will see no logo, no clan logo but no individual logo too but i want to see my individual logos for the player see my post above but thanks for try to help me
  3. Hello, it is possible that i can deactivate the "top clan logos" but let me show me my own "player logos"? I don't want to know if i'am playing again vs 3 or 4 "top clan members" because it's frusting, you know it ;-). But i've player logos for streamer, youtuber or unfair player and they i will see these logos, its possible to deactivate the option for top clans? Ok i hope you know what i mean ;) thanks a lot Here are screens what i mean :D