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  1. BalCalCMod: if the activation button (Q) is pressed many times in succession, WoT is ended without an error in the log. this happens since 1.8.0. BalCalCMod: если кнопка активации (Q) нажимается много раз подряд, WoT завершается без ошибок в журнале. это происходит с 1.8.0.
  2. hy, WOT loads into the game with curent stock-xvm (9169) but it is crashing when i use an altered configuration. the only message i get is a "VerifyError", a "ReferenceError" and a "TypeError". 2019-06-12 16:09:16.331: ERROR: VerifyError: Error #1001: The method SessionStatsAnimatedNumberCounter is not implemented. 2019-06-12 16:09:16.332: ERROR: VerifyError: Error #1001: The method SessionStatsTankInfoBackground is not implemented. 2019-06-12 16:09:16.376: WARNING: Scale9Grid for resource=15 has negative height -0.300000 2019-06-12 16:09:16.404: ERROR: VerifyError: Error #1001: The method SessionStatsAnimatedNumberCounter is not implemented. 2019-06-12 16:09:16.404: ERROR: VerifyError: Error #1001: The method SessionStatsTankInfoBackground is not implemented. 2019-06-12 16:09:16.408: ERROR: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable WaitingUI is not defined. at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base::UIComponentEx instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base.meta.impl::BaseDAAPIComponentMeta instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base::BaseDAAPIComponent instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base.meta.impl::AbstractViewMeta instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base::AbstractView instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.base.meta.impl::LobbyPageMeta instance constructor() at net.wg.gui.lobby::LobbyPage instance constructor() at LobbyPage_UI instance constructor() at lobbyPage_fla::MainTimeline instance constructor() 2019-06-12 16:09:16.511: ERROR: object with "TextParameterBlockUI" linkage is not a component from library! 2019-06-12 16:09:16.511: ERROR: object with "TextParameterBlockUI" linkage can`t cast to [class ITooltipBlock] 2019-06-12 16:09:16.511: ERROR: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.pool::Pool/initItem() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.pool::Pool/fillEmptyItems() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.pool::Pool instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.pool::ComponentsPool instance constructor() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::ToolTipManagerLobby/addTooltipBlocksPool() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::ToolTipManagerLobby/createPools() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::ToolTipManagerLobby/onLoaderManagerLoadedHandler() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::LoaderManager/onLibrariesLoaderLoadedHandler() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::LibrariesLoader/onLoaderInfoInitHandler() 2019-06-12 16:09:16.514: ERROR: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable WaitingUI is not defined. at net.wg.infrastructure.base.meta.impl::LoaderManagerMeta/viewLoadedS() at net.wg.infrastructure.managers.impl::LoaderManager/onSWFLoaded() anyone else has this kind of error or can explain me the meaning of this warnings? thx in advance -elektro- EDIT: SOLVED -> I´m dumb! sorry for this useless thread - i´ve used two old files in my my configuration (lobby.swf and training.swf). removing them resolved the issue. my fault :/
  3. vielen dank für die .py-datei - die hat mir geholfen! ich hab jetzt zwar " hash mismatch in file: res_mods/mods/xfw_packages/xvm_tankcarousel/python/tankcarousel.py" im log, aber ich denke damit kann ich bis zum nächsten stable-release (oder nightly) leben. danke nochmal!
  4. @Heliomalthy there, i got the same error 1034 like you and wanted to ask if you may can provide me that tankcarousel.py from 8827 you were talking about? because i dont find this one anywhere out there (running xvm 7.7.3 stable and also tried 8625 nightly for i hope this will solve the log-spamming for me too. thx in advance! -elektro- btw: german speaking? xvm.log
  5. @Ress i figured it out! it was only a little less thinking and a typo and yes, it´s now 1:35, so i´m a little out of brain today too... ;) gn8!
  6. @konrad509 found the error in xvm.log. there was a hidden \ufeff character that caused that (maybe forum copy/paste problem). now it works just fine! great, thank you again! all 3 of you!
  7. another big thx goes out to heliomalt! ;) I just got one problem: before i wanted to make a patchfile that implements the code into playerspanel.xc, i tested it by doing it manually. after starting wot, it seems that the backup/standard-xvm-config was loaded - my whole config was gone. this happened to me sometimes when i saved a configfile with wrong character encoding (ansi/utf), or false textformatting, but i can exclude both ( #1 checked that, #2 the code is yours ;) ) ... and it also happens when i want to create any new entry in the def-section. you may have a clue what i´ve done wrong this time? if not - no problem! thx anyways for poviding the code!
  8. wow, thats a service! i´m impressed again of the quick reactions to my post and about this very good "manual"! just in case nobody else does - BIG THX !! i will trial and error it out to get it to work, thanks again!
  9. thank you for your quick answer! as i said, i´m new in xvm, coding isnt my profession ;) but i will try that out! and if i want to add a picture for that instead of colorizing the name, will that following do the trick? "{{friend?<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/friend.png'>|<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/nofriend.png'>}}" if added to (e.g.) this lines (showing only vehicle name right now) "vehicleFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", or did i just mess it all up? edited: "vehicleFormatLeft": "{{friend?<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/friend.png'>|<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/nofriend.png'>}}<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>{{friend?<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/friend.png'>|<img src='cfg://res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/clanicons/EU/nofriend.png'>}}", i also tried this one: "vehicleFormatLeft": "<img src='cfg:default//icons/{{friend?friend}}.png'><font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font><img src='cfg:default//icons/{{friend?friend}}.png'>", what i want to do is only adding the friend/nofriend picture to the config, not changing anything else if possible. this is my players panel, but i cant get the changes to work playersPanel.xc if possible, can you give me another hint please?
  10. hello, i´m new to xvm editing and have a question related to the markers: if i want a friendmarker on my playerspanel, do i have to enter it somewhere in this rows? "nickFormatLeft": "<font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{r}}</font> {{name%.15s~..}}<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>", "nickFormatRight": "<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>{{name%.15s~..}} <font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{r}}</font>", and paste something like this: <font color='{{friend?#AAAAAA|#BBBBBB}}>{{nick}}</font> or this: {{friend?<img src='cfg://xxx/xxx/friend.png'>}} i would be very greatful if someone can help me out and may provide me a working sample! thx in advance
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