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  1. Thank you that works. The different version numbers of wot, nightly build, stable version get confusing. And what is Common Test because that is another version number?
  2. Sixth sense now working and I am very, very grateful for your help. Now it is the beginning of the weekend so please go and have a lot of your favourite alcohol and pretend I bought it for you Now all I have to do is see if I can extend the sounds for 10 seconds. I have used this file but do not know if that is ok still sixthsenseduration.py (I still do not understand how that .bnk reference got in the sounds.xc file though)
  3. But that is the file you sent me and told me to use
  4. You have only quoted the end of my message. In the same message I said "but still no change in audioww folder. Only one file there called xvm.bnk" This is the path - C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww\xvm.bnk Yes xvm.bnk is there. But these are not things I have done. I simply installed nightly, added your sounds.xc and made no other changes So 'you have registered it' I do not understand
  5. I tried turning off my AV and re-installing nightly but still no change in audioww folder. Only one file there called xvm.bnk Other than that I do not understand I have been using Updater 2.9 to donwload xvm so instead I downloaded the nightly direct from http://nightly.modxvm.com/ There are no bnk files in audioww either
  6. Doh - you included sounds.xc - I forgot Replaced sounds.xc, started client, no sound for sixth sense Restarted client - still no sixth sound. New logs attached sounds.xcxvm.logpython.log
  7. After running without xvm I shut down the client After installing nightly I tested but did not then shut down before sending logs - sorry I will shut down now - here are the logs sounds.xcpython.logxvm.log Unless there is anything else to do I am unsure how to make the changes to sounds.xc and may not have done it correctly. I really appreciate your help
  8. Just uninstalled xvm - sound works Installed nightly (8372) - sixth sound not working I do not code so if a change is needed please keep it simple :) sounds.xcxvm.logpython.log
  9. Thank you night_dragon_on but I tried making the changes you suggest and still have no sixth sense sound (variant 1, 2 or User) if xvm is installed
  10. I have the Sixth Sense sound problem also and restarting does not help. It works ok without xvm I have edited sounds.xc to change - "sounds": { "enabled": false, Still not working with either QB modpack or Last Nightly (8372) I have also tried disabling all lines in sounds.xc with //
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