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  1. I can't seem to get the syntax right to change the icon colour -- just trying to see patterns in other bits of code, because I don't know the language... I have tried: "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color="0xFFCC66">{{vtype-key=LT?:}}{{vtype-key=MT?;}}{{vtype-key=HT??}}{{vtype-key=SPG?-}}{{vtype-key=TD?.}}</font>", "alpha": 90, "shadow": {} "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='0xFFCC66'>{{vtype-key=LT?:}}{{vtype-key=MT?;}}{{vtype-key=HT??}}{{vtype-key=SPG?-}}{{vtype-key=TD?.}}</font>", "alpha": 90, "shadow": {} "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='{0xFFCC66}'>{{vtype-key=LT?:}}{{vtype-key=MT?;}}{{vtype-key=HT??}}{{vtype-key=SPG?-}}{{vtype-key=TD?.}}</font>", "alpha": 90, "shadow": {} "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='{{vtype-key=LT?#E5E7E9}}{{vtype-key=MT?#E5E7E9}}{{vtype-key=HT?#E5E7E9}}{{vtype-key=SPG?#E5E7E9}}{{vtype-key=TD?#E5E7E9}}'</font>" None of those made any difference....!
  2. Hey, deleting the XVM font in control panel worked! The icons now appear. Thanks Konrad. And thanks for the code Scyorkie, does indeed work fine :-) I notice the colors are different for each class... If I want to make them the same, can I just change {c:vtype} to a hex colour value?
  3. Hi guys, I have my config close to how I want it, but I want to see the tank class icon (HT, MT etc) in the players panel. The individual vehicle icons from the tank atlas look nice, but I can't easily tell at a glance what tank class they are. Attached is my playerspanel.xc file. I've added a definition for "vtypeIcon" (with code from a thread on this forum), and called the definition for the short and large panel configs in extrafieldsleft and extrafieldsright, but the icons do not appear. I suspect the definition is not working, but I don't know how to fix it. Can someone please advise what edits I need to make to the file? Thanks, tank bro's! playersPanel.xc
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