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  1. Ress

    BattleTimer средствами XVM.

    @Andyss "battleTimer": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } works fine. Like Slava7572 said, there must be issue inside elements.xc { "elements": [ { "battleTimer": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 }, "debugPanel": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 }, "epicRandomScorePanel": { "alpha": 0 }, "fragCorrelationBar": { "alpha": 0 }, "prebattleTimer": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 }, "questProgressTopAnimContainer": { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 }, "questProgressTopView" : { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 } } ] } Make sure you separate them correctly or post your elements.xc
  2. Ress


  3. Ress


    <forgot to read rules>
  4. Ress

    Custom wn8 colors

    Guess you only added new color rating/range inside colors.xc and that's about it? I don't know are you using default xvm config or someone else's config, but i had almost the same issue a while back. Took me awhile to figure out why some wn8 ratings still use default coloring for wn8. Even if you set to wn8 on site (personal cabinet) it will still use default coloring for wn8 for some reason.(and not one from config). My issue was with {{c:xr}}...replaced it with {{c:wn8}} and problem solved. (mostly inside markers, Panels, battleLoading..etc) just search for {{c:xr}} inside config files that show wrong colors and replace it with {{c:wn8}} or alternatively you can try and add "xwn8" inside colors:xc might work theoretically speaking (personally haven't tried it so idk) Hope this helps....
  5. Ress

    Capture Bar and personal Mission Progress

    increase Y (to move it down) remove X part (to keep it centered) It should work. example: "questProgressTopAnimContainer": { "$interval": 1000, "y": 150 }, "questProgressTopView" : { "$interval": 1000, "y": 150 } PS. someone correct me if i am wrong.
  6. Ress

    Capture Bar and personal Mission Progress

    @Aergeris You can move capture bar inside captureBar.xc and mission progress inside elements.xc captureBar.xc edit "y" (add "x" if needed): "captureBar": { "enabled": true, "y": 60, elements.xc add example: "questProgressTopAnimContainer": { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 }, "questProgressTopView" : { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 } I should be moved to top/right, but you can edit x/y how you see fit. If you have trouble editing elements.xc here is example: elements.xc
  7. Ress

    Please help me with XVM config

    @kordiks try with this colors.xc as "test"
  8. Ress

    Please help me with XVM config

    @kordiks Are you using {{c:r}} or {{c:wn8}} macro as color? If {{c:r}} did you put rating to wn8 (on xvm website)? Is the issue wrong color scale or no coloring at all (white/grey)? If macro/site is not the issue, can u share your colors.xc file? Issue could be some typo inside config or wrong macro/site setting, can't tell...
  9. Ress

    The hangar date and clock are not complete

    try centering vertical alignment "textFormat": { "align": "right", "valign": "center", "color": "0x0AF028" } or remove valign part little clean up:widgetsTemplates.xc EDIT: if that doesn't help you might wanna play around with <textformat leading=''>
  10. Ress

    The hangar date and clock are not complete

    @Dacogetul Are you using width and height on clock? Try increasing height? Also try using "borderColor": "0xF50800", while you are editing stuff. Its easier to see how much space you need.Depending where clock is playing with "layer": might help.
  11. @Heliomalt hmm..it should remember state (after battle, on next battle...etc) I use this for few elements without any issues. Only difference i usually bind numpad keys.Also i put it after "enabled": and above "updateEvent": (but doubt that's the case). Maybe try different key, for example 71 (numpad7), or maybe try reverse option "visibleOnHotKey": true ?
  12. @Heliomalt Try with visibleOnHotKey, should work. "hotKeyCode": 25, "onHold": "false", "visibleOnHotKey": false
  13. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    @Kotyarko_O Thanks it works. Not familiar with this method (you learn everyday). I used to do it old fashion way and most of time it works just fine.
  14. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    Still shows 0 on non turreted tanks. Well, if it can't be done, its not big deal.
  15. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    So i am trying to replicate izeberg info panel configs, but run into small "cosmetic" issue that bugs me. Is there a way to show - instead of 0 for tanks without turret? (most of TDs for example) Right now i use this: <br/><textformat tabstops='[65,105,145]'>Turret:<tab>{{armor_turret_front=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_front}}}}<tab>{{armor_turret_side=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_side}}}}<tab>{{armor_turret_back=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_back}}}}</textformat> also i tried those: {{armor_turret_front?{{armor_turret_front}}|}} {{armor_turret_front=0?|{{armor_turret_front}}}} {{armor_turret_front>0?{{armor_turret_front|}}}} ...and few others, but nothing works. Either i get - for all tanks or it just ignores everything and shows {{armor_turret_front}} anyway.