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  1. @Heliomalt hmm..it should remember state (after battle, on next battle...etc) I use this for few elements without any issues. Only difference i usually bind numpad keys.Also i put it after "enabled": and above "updateEvent": (but doubt that's the case). Maybe try different key, for example 71 (numpad7), or maybe try reverse option "visibleOnHotKey": true ?
  2. @Heliomalt Try with visibleOnHotKey, should work. "hotKeyCode": 25, "onHold": "false", "visibleOnHotKey": false
  3. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    @Kotyarko_O Thanks it works. Not familiar with this method (you learn everyday). I used to do it old fashion way and most of time it works just fine.
  4. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    Still shows 0 on non turreted tanks. Well, if it can't be done, its not big deal.
  5. Ress

    infoPanel средствами XVM.

    So i am trying to replicate izeberg info panel configs, but run into small "cosmetic" issue that bugs me. Is there a way to show - instead of 0 for tanks without turret? (most of TDs for example) Right now i use this: <br/><textformat tabstops='[65,105,145]'>Turret:<tab>{{armor_turret_front=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_front}}}}<tab>{{armor_turret_side=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_side}}}}<tab>{{armor_turret_back=0?{{l10n:-}}|{{armor_turret_back}}}}</textformat> also i tried those: {{armor_turret_front?{{armor_turret_front}}|}} {{armor_turret_front=0?|{{armor_turret_front}}}} {{armor_turret_front>0?{{armor_turret_front|}}}} ...and few others, but nothing works. Either i get - for all tanks or it just ignores everything and shows {{armor_turret_front}} anyway.
  6. Ress

    Macro to check if battle started?

    @ktulho Thanks, {{py:isBattle?|}} did the trick.
  7. Tried to add custom prebattleTimer to my battleTimer config, but got brain freeze about battle start check. I wanna hide timer after battle starts, is there macro to check if battle started? I am out of ideas, or simply blind, who knows... battleLabelsBattleTimer.xc
  8. Ress

    Team WN8

    Well script is slightly broken, but if incorrect mark bugs you...you can just remove it? replace: {{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio=0?=|{{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio>0?>|<}}}} with: -
  9. Ress

    [How-To] Removing new countdown timer

    -don't worry about it by default nothing is used inside elements.xc, i only clean it up a little, what is important is "elements": [ ] -best to use Notepad++ for edits -anyway here is your file: elements.xc
  10. Ress

    [How-To] Removing new countdown timer

    Sure, np (elements.xc can be messy) elements.xc
  11. Ress

    Newest XVM

    That's kinda impossible, can you post version.xml file? (its inside your WoT folder) Or try dig latest version here https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  12. If anyone is annoyed with new countdown timer you can remove it completely inside elements.xc add: "prebattleTimer" : { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } Hides mission popup as well. You can still see time remaining on battle timer (top right corner).
  13. Ress

    I wanna coloring rating mark with VWTR, How I do it?

    You mean little square on hp bar on markers? You can add that or colorize it inside "format" (both options should work) default is "format": "&#x115;" right? just add font color to it (should work): "format": "<font color='{{py:xvm.color_rating('vwtr', {{vwtr}})}}'>&#x115;</font>" btw {{c:vwtr|#999999}} doesn't work, no such macro as {{c:vwtr}}, only {{c:xvwtr}} in general If you wanna use custom colors: 1. you have to add it to colors.xc (named vwtr in this case) 2. link it using {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} r=name for color rating from colors.xc (vwtr in this case) v=value (this can be anything..even some py math, as long as you get some value at the end to colorize base on r color scale)
  14. Ress

    I wanna coloring rating mark with VWTR, How I do it?

    1.Where are you trying to colorize? PP, markers, hangar? 2.Did you try using {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} ? example: <font color='#{{py:xvm.color_rating('vwtr', {{vwtr}})}}'>{{vwtr}}</font>
  15. Ress

    CaptureBar - color of a bar

    Maybe its not exactly what you are looking for, but you can do it using dynamic font /circle capture bar. captureBar.xc https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/1760-полоса-захвата-capture-bar/?do=findComment&amp;comment=403128