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  1. Ress

    Need help with TeamHP PoolBar

    Personally avoiding to use high x-y off screen positioning,because i share config with friends that play on lower res. As for sum with screenHCenter, initially i did found older topic with almost same macro but couldn't make it work (enemy bar was on left, and when added screenHalign:center, it was centered but then everything else was on opposite side...i was staring on macro for like 10min couldn't figure out what was wrong ..), so i switched to regular x-y with screenH/Valign and got new issues. Huh interesting, now this actually works. ...had to correct enemy bar to x180 {{py:math.sum({{py:math.div({{py:xvm.total_hp.enemy(180)}},2)}}, 4)}}, but it work. Thanks @ktulho!
  2. I am trying to create Team HP Pool Bar without extra py_macros. So far so good, but i hit the wall with actual direction of bars. Can't figure out how to make bars fade in one direction only (from left to right for allies/from right to left for enemy) and not from both sides. Any suggestions? battleLabelsTeamHPBar.xc
  3. Ress

    request FPS and PING bar styles

    LINK > Download:debugPanel.py 1.put debug_panel.py inside py_macro folder 2.inside your config folder open elements.xc, disable/hide default debugPanel example: { "elements": [ { "debugPanel": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } } ] } 3.inside your config folder create new config file for new debugPanel example battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc { "def": { "debugPanel": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "ON_EVERY_FRAME", "x": 5, "y": 0, "align": "left", "screenHAlign": "left", "screenVAlign": "top", "shadow": { "distance": 0, "angle": 45, "alpha": 90, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "font": "Calibri", "color": "0xEEEEEE", "size": 18, "align": "left" }, "format": "<textformat tabstops='[70]'><b><font color='{{py:xvm.lag?#ff0000}}'>FPS: </font><font color='{{py:xvm.fps>45?#60FF00|{{py:xvm.fps>30?#F8F400|{{py:xvm.fps>20?#FE7903|#FE0E00}}}}}}'>{{py:xvm.fps%3d}}</font><tab><font color='{{py:xvm.lag?#ff0000}}'>PING: </font><font color='{{py:xvm.ping>160?#FE0E00|{{py:xvm.ping>100?#FE7903|{{py:xvm.ping>80?#F8F400|#60FF00}}}}}}'>{{py:xvm.ping%3d}}</font></b></textformat>" } } } 4.link/add your new debugPanel config inside battleLabels.xc example: { "labels": { "formats": [ ${ "battleLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.hitlogHeader" }, ... ... ... ${ "battleLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.repairTimeRadio" }, ${ "battleLabelsDebugPanel.xc":"def.debugPanel" } ] } } Done! This is basic example, but for more "style" you will need extra images...for bars, background...etc. And little bit bigger config file with more then 1 definition ;) Check LINKED topic again for more info and help. Example preview:
  4. Ress

    Team WN8 / Командный WN8

    Was fooling around with this addon today, so i decided to share my current config.Using mod_wn8_chance.py version from Budyx69. In case someone maybe find it useful. 1.edit battleLabels.xc, add: ${ "battleLabelsTeamRating.xc":"def.teamWinChance" }, ${ "battleLabelsTeamRating.xc":"def.altMessage" }, ${ "battleLabelsTeamRating.xc":"def.teamRating" }, ${ "battleLabelsTeamRating.xc":"def.teamHP" } 2.put battleLabelsTeamRating.xc inside your config (No need editing battleLabelsTemplates.xc, i like keep things simple when installing extra xvm stuff, easy to remove later on) battleLabelsTeamRating.7z
  5. Many xvm experts probably already know how to dynamically color stats (those stats that "officially" don't have/use dynamic coloring like {{mystat.hip}} for example). Since it took me few hours to figure out how {{py:xvm.dynamic_color_rating(r, v)}} and {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} actually works, i wanna share quick guide for someone who doesn't know and need to colorize some widget/carousel stats. lets take {{mystat.hip}} widget macro for example: STEP 1: Open colors.xc and add value/color range for your new dynamic color inside "colors": { definition (best at the bottom for simplicity) example: added color range for "hip" at the bottom of the config (bellow "hitsRatio" color): // Dynamic color by hit ratio (percents of hits) "hitsRatio": [ { "value": 47.4, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_bad" } }, { "value": 60.4, "color": ${"def.colorRating.bad" } }, { "value": 68.4, "color": ${"def.colorRating.normal" } }, { "value": 74.4, "color": ${"def.colorRating.good" } }, { "value": 78.4, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_good"} }, { "value": 100, "color": ${"def.colorRating.unique" } } ], // Dynamic color by hit percent (total average hit percent) "hip": [ { "value": 44.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_bad" } }, { "value": 54.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.bad" } }, { "value": 64.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.normal" } }, { "value": 74.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.good" } }, { "value": 84.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_good"} }, { "value": 94.49, "color": ${"def.colorRating.unique" } } ] } } In this case only 6 value range reading default 6 colors from "colorRating": { but you can add more/less values and link it with 10 colors, however you prefer. Usually if you wanna use dynamic color inside "format":"" you will use <font color'{{mystat.c_winrate}}'>{{mystat.winrate%.2f~%}}</font> for example But in this case we can't do that with {{mystat.hip}} because there is no {{mystat.c_mystat.hip}} macro or dynamic color for it. STEP 2: Open widgetsTemplates.xc (or carouselNormal.xc / carouselSmall.xc) and using {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} macro as your hexcolor colorize macro/stat you wanna get colored. example: colored {{mystat.hip}} using {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} to read "hip" hex color <font color='#{{py:xvm.color_rating('hip', {{mystat.hip}})}}'>{{mystat.hip%.2f~%}}</font> Instead of using single/static hex color like <font color'#000000'>{{mystat.hip%.2f~%}}</font> you can use {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}} to read current hex color value for {{mystat.hip}} from "hip" inside colors.xc In THEORY you can do this with any stat for widget or carousel (...mystat.frg, mystat.dmg, mystat.spo, v.level, v.xpToElite, v.camouflageWinter, v.xpToEliteLeft) As long as you: A) add new values inside color.xc (or you use existing/same values if that works for you, also you can use only 2 colors for on/off scenarios) B)link to correct value with {{py:xvm.color_rating('value', macro)}} as your hex color (and don't forget to add # in front of it when using <font color'#000000'> format) So if for some reason you need to color {{v.level}} macro you will first add 10 new colors then add values "level" (for example), and then you will use <font color='#{{py:xvm.color_rating('level', {{v.level}})}}'></font> as your color.....anyway Hopefully this all wasn't big confusion and someone can actually find this useful, cheers.
  6. Ress

    XVN mods

    I did something similar, to fit style of YasenKrasen beta features. But now its kinda useless since that mod is bugged and needs update. Anyway, maybe someone can find it useful. /** * * LastEdit:30.04.2018 * * Widgets templates. */ { "clock": { "enabled": true, "layer": "normal", "type": "extrafield", "formats": [ { // background image "x": 4, "y": 51, "screenHAlign": "right", "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/clock/clockBg.png'>" }, { "updateEvent": "ON_EVERY_SECOND", "x": -10, "y": 38, "width": 200, "height": 50, "screenHAlign": "right", "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 0, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 70, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "align": "right", "valign": "bottom", "color": "0x959688" }, "format": "<font face='$FieldFont'><textformat leading='-38'><font size='36'>{{py:xvm.formatDate('%H:%M')}}</font><br></textformat><textformat rightMargin='85' leading='-2'>{{py:xvm.formatDate('%A')}}<br><font size='15'>{{py:xvm.formatDate('%d %b %Y')}}</font></textformat></font>" } ] }, "statistics": { "enabled": true, "layer": "normal", "type": "extrafield", "formats": [ { // Account Statistics - background image "enabled": false, "x": 3, "y": 510, "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/damageLog/no_dmg.png' width='320' height='220'>" }, { // Vehicle Stats (left pannel) - background image "enabled": false, "layer": "substrate", "x": 805, "y": 700, "scaleX": -1, "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/damageLog/no_dmg.png' width='290' height='70'>" }, { // Vehicle Stats (right pannel) - background image "enabled": false, "layer": "substrate", "x": 1115, "y": 700, "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/damageLog/no_dmg.png' width='290' height='70'>" }, { // Account Statistics "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "ON_MY_STAT_LOADED", "x": 10, "y": 520, "width": 320, "height": 220, "screenHAlign": "left", "shadow": { "alpha": 70, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "align":"left", "color": "0x959688", "size": 13 }, "format": "<b><font size='14'><font color='#FFCC66'>{{l10n:Account Statistics}}</font></font><font size='8'>\n\n<img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/double_line.png'>\n\n</font>{{l10n:Battles/Win rate}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_battles}}'>{{mystat.battles}}</font>{{l10n: }}<font color='{{mystat.c_winrate}}'>({{mystat.winrate%.2f~%}})</font><font size='8'>\n\n</font>{{l10n:WGR/WTR}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_wgr}}'>{{mystat.wgr}} ({{mystat.xwgr}})</font>{{l10n: }}<font color='{{mystat.c_wtr}}'>{{mystat.wtr}} ({{mystat.xwtr}})</font><font size='8'>\n\n</font>{{l10n:EFF/WN8}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_eff}}'>{{mystat.eff}} ({{mystat.xeff}})</font>{{l10n: }}<font color='{{mystat.c_wn8}}'>{{mystat.wn8}} ({{mystat.xwn8}})</font><font size='8'>\n\n</font>{{l10n:Hit ratio}}: <font color='#F9F1BC'>{{mystat.hip%.2f~%}}</font><font size='8'>\n\n</font>{{l10n:Average Tier}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_avglvl}}'>{{mystat.avglvl%.2f}}</font></b><font size='8'>\n\n</font><font size='11'>{{l10n:Updated}}: (<font color='#F9F1BC'>{{py:xvm.formatDate('%d.%m.%Y - %H:%M')}}</font>)</font></font>" }, { // Vehicle Stats (left pannel) "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "ON_MY_STAT_LOADED", "x": 555, "y": 218, "width": 400, "height": 100, "screenHAlign": "left", "screenVAlign": "center", "shadow": { "alpha": 70, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "align":"left", "color": "0x959688", "size": 14 }, "format": "<b><font size='14'><font color='#FFCC66'>{{l10n:Vehicle Stats}}</font><font size='6'>\n\n<img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/single_line.png'>\n\n</font><img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/battle.png' width='23' height='23' vspace='-6'><font color='{{v.c_battles|#CFCFCF}}'>{{v.battles}}</font><img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/win.png' width='23' height='23' vspace='-6'><font color='{{v.c_winrate|#CFCFCF}}'>{{v.winrate%2d~%}}</font><img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/damag2.png' width='23' height='23' vspace='-6'><font color='{{v.c_xtdb|#CFCFCF}}'>{{v.tdb%-4d}}</font><img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/vehicle.png' width='23' height='23' vspace='-6'><font color='{{v.c_tfb}}'>{{v.tfb%-4.2f}}</font><img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/assist2.png' width='23' height='23' vspace='-6'><font color='{{v.c_hitsRatio}}'>{{v.hitsRatio%2d~%}}</font></b></font>" }, { // Vehicle Stats (right pannel) "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "ON_MY_STAT_LOADED", "x": -555, "y": 218, "width": 400, "height": 100, "screenHAlign": "right", "screenVAlign": "center", "shadow": { "alpha": 70, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "align":"right", "color": "0x959688", "size": 14 }, "format": "<b><font size='14'><font color='#FFCC66'>{{v.fullname}}</font><font size='8'>\n\n<img src='cfg://Ress/Icons/single_line.png'>\n\n</font>MoE: <font color='{{v.c_damageRating}}'>{{v.damageRating%-2.2f~%|--}}</font> WN8: <font color='{{v.c_wn8effd}}'>{{py:math.mul({{v.wn8effd}},1000)%-4d|--}}</font> EFF: <font color='{{v.c_tdv}}'>{{py:math.mul({{v.tdv}},1000)%-4d|--}}</font> xTE: <font color='{{v.c_xte}}'>{{v.xte|--}}</font></b></font>" } ] } } widgets.7z